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The Pandemic

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Articles on Biology

the little-known world of caterpillars

are butterflies wildlife? depends where you live

what we learn from leafing through seed catalogues

in florida, an invasive snail is helping save an endangered bird

the first wiring map of an insect's brain hints at incredible complexity

The turtle moms that ‘talk” to their eggs before they hatch

how see-through glass frogs hide their red blood from predators

are you a model? crickets are so hot right now

of rats and men

what is life? for scientists, asking is easier than answering

how to save a slow growing tree species

how ancient seeds in lebanon could help us adapt to climate change

how rare island rabbits do a parasitic plant’s bidding

bees teach their young how to dance

can insects have culture? puzzle-solving bumblebees show it's possible

giant eggshells reveal the secrets of madagascar's elephant birds

when your old fishing buddy has a snout and a blowhole

the missing 24-limbed animals that could help rescue the ocean’s forest


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Articles on the Environment

climate solutions do exist—these six experts detail what they look like

climate change is fueling more conflict between humans and wildlife

climate is changing too quickly for the sierra nevada's “zombie forests”

mapping california’s “zombie” forests

how native americans will shape the future of water in the west

parched california misses a chance to store more rain underground

an activist group is spreading misinformation to stop solar projects in rural america

the salton sea, an accident of history, faces a new water crisis

the surreal abundance of alaska’s permafrost farms

heat wave killed marine wildlife en masse

heat wave killed an estimated one billion sea creatures, and scientists fear even worse

let the birds eat them—crops shrivel as heat wave hits washington state

The united states isn’t prepared for fires fueled by climate change

reservoirs are drying up as consequences of the western drought worsen

why record-breaking overnight temperatures are so concerning

climate change drove western heat wave’s extreme records, analysis finds

bringing back trees to redlined areas helps residents and the climate

air pollution’s invisible toll on your health

climate change is making it harder for campers to beat the heat


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