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July 19: The cumulative scores and grades are posted on the scores and grades page.

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Articles on Education

how to survive college when you’re paying your own way (includes podcast)

college students—how to make office hours less scary

Articles on Biology

you could save a child from drowning this summer—here's how

training the next generation of indigenous data scientists

an explosion in visitors is threatening the very things national parks try to protect

a volcano, a fishing boat, and a narrow escape

inside our subway tuna sandwich test

bats! they're cooler than birds

firefly light shows don't just dazzle—swarms can also synchronize their flashes

over 200 million years ago, nature called—it was full of beetles

the sound of one walrus clapping

it’s cold in the ocean but it’s hotter inside sea otters

did a cuttlefish write this?

these plants act like bees in a hive

cauliflower and chaos, fractals in every floret

these birds didn’t have chlamydia or west nile—but they’re still dying

los angeles county wants you to stop feeding the feral peacocks

wondrous island to the birds

a biologist, an outlandish stork and the army of women trying to save it

a birding adventure in arizona’s sky islands

apparently, crows love luxurious ant baths—this is what it looks like

protected habitat, for a population of one

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Articles on Our Environment

heat wave killed marine wildlife en masse

heat wave killed an estimated one billion sea creatures, and scientists fear even worse

let the birds eat them—crops shrivel as heat wave hits washington state

The united states isn’t prepared for fires fueled by climate change

reservoirs are drying up as consequences of the western drought worsen

why record-breaking overnight temperatures are so concerning

climate change drove western heat wave’s extreme records, analysis finds

bringing back trees to redlined areas helps residents and the climate

air pollution’s invisible toll on your health

climate change is making it harder for campers to beat the heat

an sos from the ocean

how can coastal conservation save marine life and fishing practices?

why are whales essential to the health of our oceans?

arctic’s last ice area may be less resistant to global warming

a battle between a great city and a great lake

the climate crisis is a public health crisis

dispossessed, again—climate change hits native americans especially hard

our response to climate change is missing something big, scientists say

wildfires threaten urban water supplies, long after the flames are out

as western wildfires worsen, fema is denying most people who ask for help

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