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The Pandemic

Ready for an n95 respirator? Here's how to find a high-quality one that fits you well

Counterfeit respirators—misrepresentation of niosh-approval

How to tell if your n95 respirator is niosh approved.pdf

How is the COVID-19 vaccination campaign going in your state? NPR

Latest coronavirus maps and case counts—frequent updates from the New York Times

COVID-19, County of Los Angeles Public Health

COVID-19 testing, County of Los Angeles

COVID-19 dashboard, Johns Hopkins University

COVID-19 contact tracing certification (online course offered at no cost), Johns Hopkins University

Articles on the Pandemic.

despite another covid surge, deaths stay near lows

what parents should know about covid shots for young children?

still testing positive after day ten? how to decide when to end your covid isolation

i took a trip and caught covidwhat should i do? when can i go home?

fda says covid boosters for the fall must target newer omicron types

six things we've learned about how the pandemic disrupted learning

i got covidthen i got it againwhat's the deal with reinfection?

how long does covid immunity last? will a second illness be worse? how can i prepare?

ivermectin has no discernible effect on recovery time from covid, study finds

he helped cure the “london patient” of hivthen he turned to covid

the impact of covid-19, a million deaths in

covid vaccines are finally here for young kidsbut the logistics aren't easy

“smell ya later, covid!” how dogs are helping schools stay covid-free

even with federal funds, u.s. schools still rely on low-cost methods to slow covid, a study shows

omicron poses about half the risk of long covid as delta, new research finds

covid took many in the prime of life, leaving families to pick up the pieces

the lost americans

one million (new york times podcast)

how many of america's one million covid deaths were preventable? (npr podcast)

how often can you be infected with the coronavirus?

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Articles on Human Physiology and Health

the sleep debt collector is here

the quest by circadian medicine to make the most of our body clocks

when it comes to darker skin, pulse oximeters fall short

a 70-year-old man in gaza needed open heart surgeryit was a race against time

a trauma surgeon details the brutal impact of shootings, even for survivors

six ways to level up your daily walk

when are expired drugs truly expired?

a nasty disease is even nastier for patients with hivnow there's encouraging news

epa warns toxic “forever chemicals” more dangerous than once thought

centenarian tortoises may set the standard for anti-aging

crispr, 10 years onlearning to rewrite the code of life

the many uses of crisprscientists tell all

crispr in the classroom

side effects of a gene therapy may include… a completely new hair color?

why mosquitoes might find you irresistible

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Articles on Education

people from elite backgrounds increasingly dominate academia

why my college students are not ok

how to survive college when you’re paying your own way (includes podcast)

college studentshow to make office hours less scary

a separate and unequal system of college admissions

a college program for disadvantaged teens could shake up elite admissions

is online test-monitoring here to stay?

want to find an affordable college? there's a website for that

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