Biology Articles (continued)


of rats and men

what is life? for scientists, asking is easier than answering

how to save a slow growing tree species

how ancient seeds in lebanon could help us adapt to climate change

how rare island rabbits do a parasitic plant’s bidding

bees teach their young how to dance

can insects have culture? puzzle-solving bumblebees show it's possible

giant eggshells reveal the secrets of madagascar's elephant birds

when your old fishing buddy has a snout and a blowhole

the missing 24-limbed animals that could help rescue the ocean’s forest

a big night for newts, and for a california newt brigade

toothed whales use “vocal fry” to hunt for food, scientists say

1,600 bats fell to the ground during houston's cold snap—here's how they were saved

using fossils to bring a river covered in concrete back to life

should new zealand cats be kept indoors?

you could save a child from drowning this summer—here's how

training the next generation of indigenous data scientists

an explosion in visitors is threatening the very things national parks try to protect

a volcano, a fishing boat, and a narrow escape

inside our subway tuna sandwich test

bats! they're cooler than birds

firefly light shows don't just dazzle—swarms can also synchronize their flashes

over 200 million years ago, nature called—it was full of beetles

the sound of one walrus clapping

it’s cold in the ocean but it’s hotter inside sea otters

did a cuttlefish write this?

these plants act like bees in a hive

cauliflower and chaos, fractals in every floret

these birds didn’t have chlamydia or west nile—but they’re still dying

los angeles county wants you to stop feeding the feral peacocks

wondrous island to the birds

a biologist, an outlandish stork and the army of women trying to save it

a birding adventure in arizona’s sky islands

apparently, crows love luxurious ant baths—this is what it looks like

protected habitat, for a population of one

migrating monarchs

as seagrass habitats decline, florida manatees are dying of starvation

scientists say these monkeys use an “accent” to communicate with their foe

gray wolf pups are spotted in colorado for the first time in 80 years

enthusiastic amateurs advance science as they hunt for exotic mushrooms

how a sharp-eyed scientist became biology’s image detective

taking a new look at old bones

this tiny creature survived 24,000 years frozen in siberian permafrost

baby mammoths were meals for these saber-tooth cats

dinosaur found in australia was two stories tall and the length of a basketball court

magic tricks may fool you, but these birds can see through them

elephant trunks—is there anything they can’t do?

what has four legs, a trunk, and a behavioral database?

become an outdoor scientist

a field guide for fledgling birders

fifteen chinese elephants are on a long march north—why, no one knows

death-cap mushrooms are spreading across north america

how the “wandering meatloaf” got its rock-hard teeth

why jumping spiders spend all night hanging out—literally

california’s monarch butterflies are down 99%—can this plant help?

the perilous hunt for coconut crabs on a remote polynesian island

sharks almost went the way of the dinosaurs 19 million years ago

red knots in steepest decline in years, threatening the species’ survival

endangered right whales are shrinking—scientists blame commercial fishing gear

once nearly extinct, the florida panther is making a comeback

making way for wildlife

how do animals safely cross a highway? take a look

here come the cicadas

the parakeets of london

twenty-five down and 71,632 to go—scientists seek genomes of all critters with a backbone

halting the vast release of methane is critical for climate, united nations says

what the cherry blossom bloom can tell us about climate change

the secret mission to unearth part of a 142-year-old experiment

one of the world’s oldest science experiments comes up from the dirt

poachers are invading botswana, last refuge of african elephants

the birds are not on lockdown, and more people are watching them

birds by the billions—a guide to spring’s avian parade

on the menu at a lunch in italy—protected songbirds

he once trafficked in rare birds—now, he tells how it’s done

france prohibits a bird hunting technique, 41 years after an european union ban

on the water in alaska, where salmon fishing dreams live on

some male birds fly under false colors to attract mates, study suggests

the fairy circles mystery gets a new suspect

snowflakes as you’ve never seen them before

the last giraffes on earth

let us now praise tiny ants

the incredible shrinking and growing brains of indian jumping ants

how many tyrannosaurus rexes ever lived on earth? here’s a new clue

how the largest animals that could ever fly supported giraffe-like necks

the nature you see in documentaries is beautiful and false

can we patch up the natural world we’ve hurt?

tropical forest destruction accelerated in 2020

some elephants in africa are just a step from extinction

butterflies are vanishing out westscientists say climate change is to blame

are you confused by scientific jargon? so are scientists

america’s new whale is now at extinction’s doorstep

largest glowing shark species discovered near new zealand

the ocean’s youngest animals are ready for glamour shots

fish farming is feeding the globewhat’s the cost for locals?

that salmon on your plate might have been a vegetarian

wisdom the albatross, now 70, hatches yet another chick

california condors get an assist from an unlikely sourcea wind power company

a biologist, an outlandish stork and the army of women trying to save it

wounds on brown pelicans in california raise fears of animal cruelty

pigeon guys face tough timeswho has the money? who has the roof?

the fairy circles mystery gets a new suspect

let us now praise tiny ants

thai caves attract millions of bats—and now scientists too

life on venus? the picture gets cloudier

coming of age on mars

how did mistletoe get into the treetops?

revisiting the unseen corners of the world

they’re among the world’s oldest living thingsthe climate crisis is killing them

the past and the future of the earth’s oldest trees

the social life of forests

can trees live forever? new kindling for an immortal debate

on a tour of “america's amazon,” flora, fauna and glimpses of alabama's past

have a look at the fabled honey forest

how selfish are plants? let’s do some root analysis

destroying a way of life to save louisiana

a race against time to rescue a reef from climate change

could listening to the deep sea help save it?

global warming is driving polar bears toward extinction, researchers say

archaeologists could help bring otters back from the dead

swimming with the sea lions of los islotes

will ghost sharks vanish before scientists can study them?

what’s in this deep blue hole off florida? they’re working on it

ivory from shipwreck reveals elephant slaughter during spice trade

the mysterious life of birds who never come down

this unusual bird superpower goes back to the dinosaur extinction

the great climate migration has begun

global methane emissions reach a record high

cutting greenhouse gases from food production is urgent, scientists say

these microbes may have survived 100 million years beneath the seafloor

this moss uses quartz as a parasol

could the amazon save your life?

what’s green soggy, and fights climate change?

what happened to south america’s missing mega-mammals?

first fossil feather ever found belonged to this dinosaur

why so blue, tarantula? a mystery gets a new clue

infected by a virus, a killer fungus turns into a friend

these shrimp leave the safety of water and walk on land—but why?

did this building grow a beard? nope—those are legs

spider silk is stronger than steel—it also assembles itself

looking for another earth? here are 300 million, maybe

on venus, cloudy with a chance of microbial life

the deep seas are alive with light

a new ship’s mission—let the deep sea be seen

how climate migration will reshape america

the most important number for the american west’s hideous fire season

old male elephants—don’t count them out

these hummingbirds take extreme naps—some may even hibernate

a 150,000-bird orchestra in the sky

the dual history of poisonous flowers

greenland’s history of narwhal hunting

singing dogs re-emerge from extinction for another tune

where did dogs come from? there may be two answers

shearing sheep, and hewing to tradition, on an island in maine

aquaculture is facing an existential crisis

melting glaciers are filling unstable lakes, and they’re growing

how a praying mantis says boo!

rare meteorites show how the earth got its life-giving water

making sense of one of the most baffling animals that ever lived

crocodile the size of a bus fed on dinosaurs

how a fruit gets its shiny blue color

climate change is complex—answers to common questions

here’s what extreme heat looks like—profoundly unequal

hundreds of trees burned at california’s big basin redwood state park

loss of greenland ice sheet reached a record last year

far more microplastic in the atlantic ocean than previous estimates, study finds

the origin of mud

why penguins huddle

new research indicates that penguins originated in australia and new zealand

the miracle of breeding a panda cub during a pandemic

the struggle to pluck 24 billion cherries in eight weeks

a honeybee’s tongue is more swiss army knife than ladle

how bees avoid bumping into nature’s obstacle course

beekeepers confront the environmental protection agency over pesticides

making sense of one of the most baffling animals that ever lived

how does a male black widow find a mate? follow the other guys

lizard popsicles, anyone?

this moss uses quartz as a parasol

these microbes have survived 100 million years beneath the seafloor

the mysterious life of birds that never come down

on the lookout for moose on michigan’s isle royale

exploring the solar system

why nasa picked jezero crater for the perseverance rover

nasa goes looking for tiny ancient martians

destroying a way of life to save louisiana

states working to protect pollinator plants along highways

how ultra-black fish disappear in the deepest seas

global methane emissions reach a record high

fracking firms fail, rewarding executives and raising climate fears

how a simple statistical error killed 463 wolves

scientists find an earthquake’s toll in an organism’s dna

japan’s deadly combination—climate change and an aging society

conservation versus copper—minnesota town debates its future with a mine

how red algae are threatening hawaii’s coral reefs

365 elephants died in botswana—the cause is a mystery

this ancient sea creature builds its body with a whisper, not a scream

the gorgeous monarch butterfly groves in california

in the parched southwest, warm springs renew threat of a mega-drought

phoenix is trying to combat climate change

it’s not a snake, but be aware of its venomous bite

the birdsong that took over america

swimming with the sea lions of los islotes

dog breeding in the neolithic age

a worm’s hidden map for growing new eyes

how do flying snakes glide through the air?

the rabbit outbreak

how bees avoid bumping into nature’s obstacle course

happy father’s day to all the fish dads underwater

nasa mars helicopter will be red planet’s wright brothers moment

the great wonders beyond the great reef

a disastrous summer in the arctic

hummingbirds navigate an ultraviolet world we never see

carbon dioxide keeps piling up in the atmosphere

mass extinctions are accelerating, scientists report

return of platypuses

seeds of solace

where is airborne plastic?  it’s everywhere scientists find

with an internet of animals, scientists aim to track and save wildlife

the seas’s weirdest creatures, now in staggering detail

the unbelievable resilience of microbial life

scientists are trying to save minnesota’s north woods from climate change

a living library of bacteria

for this tribe, saving a river means saving the sturgeon

the quest to save the world’s glaciers

when coral’s colorful show is a sign that it’s sick

long limbs helped propel t. rex up the dinosaur food chain

mother sea turtles might be sneakier than they look

when cadaver dogs pick up a scent, archaeologists know where to dig

a visual dispatch from one of the world’s most remote islands

vanishing in the wild, these salamanders found refuge in a convent

thirty-six thousand feet under the sea

praying mantises—more deadly than we knew

an intimate look at italy’s saffron harvest

where did all the jacaranda trees in los angeles come from?

what’s happening to the monarch butterfly population?

california’s monarch butterfly population hits record low

the water wars of arizona

a satellite lets scientists see antarctica’s melting like never before

hurricanes are reshaping evolution across the the caribbean

a decade after an oil spill, scientists still working to save bird habitats

ever wonder what it’s like to be a bird? nature author has some answers

wildlife collapse from climate change is predicted to hit suddenly and sooner

there’s no more water—climate change on a drying island

what’s wrong with butterflies raised in captivity?

how the world’s squarest fish gets around

at the sourdough library, some very old mothers

earth’s deepest river conceals an evolutionary mystery

microbes point the way to shipwrecks

fireflies have a mating problem—the lights are always on

antarctica’s ice—the one war that the human species can’t lose

asteroid that killed the dinosaurs was great for bacteria

rare weedy dragons hatch at california aquarium

meet the bird medics of new delhi

bumblebees are declining because of climate change

a prairie flower that flourishes with fire

how europe turned into a perfect landscape for wildfires

how do bats live with so many viruses?

ancient dna from west africa adds to the picture of humans’ rise

meet the wollemi pine—the tree brought back from the “dead” and threatened again

the secret that helps some trees to live more than 1,000 years

the past and future of the world’s oldest trees

the freshwater giants are dying

texan man’s near-fatal lessona decapitated snake can still bite

when the cobra bites, you’ll be gland that someone sequenced its genome

meteorite or volcano? new clues to the dinosaurs’s demise

golf club for the one percent wants to seize a migratory bird habitat

a mustang crisis looms in the west

smallest dinosaur is a skull wrapped in amber

why taller grass can be bad news for grasshoppers

the leopard cub with the lioness mom

an elephant’s story does not end when it dies

extreme weather in mozambique is outpacing efforts to adapt

climate change strikes at the heart of german identitythe woods

it’s a vast, visible climate menacewe made it visible

what a 5,700-year-old wad of gum reveal about ancient people and their bacteria

even hermit crabs have wealth inequality

a christmas tree thrives on farms, struggles in the wild

once, america had its own parrot

blue whale hearts may beat only twice a minute during a dive

they’re smelly and spiky, and they need to bats to pollinate them

seawater is filled with a sugary feasthere’s how sponges eat it

climate change is accelerating, bringing world dangerously close to irreversible change

why the great auk is gone for good

fractured forests are endangering wildlife, scientists find

biologists investigate mass die-off of freshwater mussels

world’s oceans are losing oxygen rapidly, study finds

florida keys deliver a hard messageas seas rise some places can’t be saved

with waters rising and its population falling, what is venice’s future?

koalas aren’t extinct, but their future is in danger, experts say

bleak united nations report on a planet in peril looms over new climate talks

warming waters, moving fishhow climate change is reshaping iceland

rising seas will erase more cities by 2050, new research shows

as sea levels rise, so do ghost forests

how climate change could shift california’s santa ana winds

the world can make more water from the sea, but at what cost?

trees that survived california drought may hold clue to climate resilience

illegal marijuana operations in public forests are poisoning wildlife and water

the baymen’s nightmareall the scallops are dead

how did plants conquer land?  these humble algae hold clues

in a race to live on land, lichens didn’t beat plants

watch bees surf to safety on the waves they create

pumping oxygen in a lake to try to save fish facing climate change

these state birds may be forced out of their states as the world warms

the dinosaur-killing asteroid acidified the oceans is a flash

the secret world of life (and death) in ireland’s peat bogs

a virus in koala dna shows evolution in action

climate change is complexwe’ve got answers to your questions

these ants use germ-killers, and they’re better than ours

these butterflies evolved to eat poisonhow could that have happened?

how oceans rise and die on a warming planet

the world’s oceans are in danger, major climate change report warns

how a dogfighting case changed animal welfare

birds are vanishing from north america

as the amazon smolders, fires choke the other side of the world

where does all the plastic go?

white barn owls thrive when hunting in moonlight

volcanic eruption set off a phytoplankton bloom

latest marine heat wave could pose new risks to sea life

these high-flying geese are the “astronauts” of the bird world

squirrels relax when they hear birds relaxing

what’s killing california’s sea otters?

some migratory birds sleep better than others

scientists fertilize eggs from the last two northern rhinos

these caterpillars can “see” colors with their skin

these marsupials drop dead after mating

a day in the life of a tree

these giant parrots once roamed new zealand

legless, leaping larvae

ancient, egyptian yeast is this bread’s secret ingredient

how does a male black widow find a mate?  follow the other guys.

genome study reveals clues to komodo dragon’s unique abilities

saving the tiny penguins

how sharks glow to each other deep in the oceans

a carnivorous plant invaded new york—that may be its only hope

agriculture must change to prevent catastrophic warming

a quarter of humanity faces looming water crises

the changing climate within the world’s largest bat colony

scientists find genes that let these bees reproduce without males

seeking a culprit when bumblebee carcasses pile up

russian land of permafrost and mammoths is is thawing

how mosquitoes changed everything

200 reindeer starved to death—experts call it a sign of climate change

even when unhatched, birds exchange survival skills

scientists sample the ocean and find tiny additions to the tree of life

a battle is raging in the tree of life

the amber-fossil supply chain has a dark human cost

birds adapt their behavior for climate change—but is it too little, too late?

following the money that undermines climate change science

documenting climate change by air, land, and sea

california condor reaches conservation milestone

this creature eats stone—sand comes out the other end

catching sight of a rare butterfly in a surprising refuge

hand-reared monarch butterflies don’t migrate

the taste for turtle soup nearly wiped out terrapins—then prohibition saved them

divers swim alongside a jelly that’s as big as a human

if algae clings to snow on this volcano, can it grow on other desolate worlds?

a historic neighborhood confronts rising seas

following the money that undermines climate science

life in a city without water—anxious, exhausting, and sweaty

a skull bone discovered in greece may alter the story of human prehistory

zoos called it a rescue—but are elephants really better off?

restoring forests could help put a brake on global warming, study finds

what if life did not originate on earth?

could this be the end of frankincense?

one percent of north american rights whales have died this month

for cephalopod week, dive into the worlds of octopuses, squids, and more

this town comes comes alive once a year, as thousands of snakes mate

more bad buzz for bees—record number of honeybee colonies died last winter

with more storms and rising seas, which u.s. cities should be saved first?

these animal migrations are huge—and invisible

animal extinction—caring for the last of a species

specially trained dogs help conservationists find rare iowa turtles

he was looking for opals—instead he found a new dinosaur species

if seeing the world ruins it, should we stay home?

a desert oasis dries up

exploring the animal supernavigators that can fly 56,000 miles per year

companies see climate change hitting their bottom line in the next five years

sea of sage brush disappears, making way for fire-prone cheat grass

how climate change may affect the plants in your yard

earthworm dilemma has climate scientists racing to keep up

how did life arrive on land? a billion-year-old fungus may hold clues

the sweet emotional life of bees

do bees know nothing?

six scientists, 1,000 miles, one prize—the arctic bumblebee

wasps passed this logic test—can you?

creating a window into a fly’s brain

climate change and the new age of extinction

civilization is accelerating extinction and altering the natural world at an unprecedented pace

to combat climate change, start from the ground up (with dirt)

how fish may see color in the deep ocean’s darkness

an emperor penguin colony in antarctica vanishes

at the baltimore’s national aquarium, climate change presents challenges both inside and out

reinventing the tomato for survival in a changing world

in a warming world, evidence of a human “fingerprint” on drought

beehive arson in texas kills half a million bees

chronicles of the rings—what trees tell us

from apples to popcorn, climate change is affecting the foods america grows

tips for teaching your students abut climate change and global warming

killing endangered animals—what punishment fits the crime?

how much ice has greenland lost to climate change?

watch a flower that seems to remember when pollinators will come calling

how dogs find their way home

on long migrations, birds chase an eternal spring

waking from hibernation, the hard work of spring begins

when the glaciers disappear, species will go extinct

fossils are filling out the family tree

how beetles that live underwater breathe without a scuba tank

the comeback of trumpeter swans

the great barrier reef was seen as too big to fail—a study suggests it isn’t

the hidden air pollution in our homes

growing corn is a major contributor to air pollution, study finds

as weeds outsmart the latest weedkillers, farmers are running out of options

bumblebees thrive in the city but struggle on the farm

how bees find your flowerpots

orchids bloom in thousands of forms—but why?

how seals took to the seas

how beetles that live underwater breathe without a scuba tank

the comeback of trumpeter swans

the great barrier reef was seen as too big to fail—a study suggests it isn’t

the hidden air pollution in our homes

growing corn is a major contributor to air pollution, study finds

on long migrations, birds chase an eternal spring

mass migration of painted lady butterflies entrances californians

the vanishing flights of the monarch butterfly

can you pick the bees out of this insect lineup?

massive loss of thousands of hives afflicts orchard growers and beekeepers

the great barrier reef was seen as two big to fail—a study suggests it isn’t

the lost history of one of the world’s strangest science experiments

what termites can teach us about cooling our buildings

statistical significance is overused and often misleading

an elusive whale is found all around the world

california is swooning over a super bloom of wildflowers

fossils show worldwide catastrophe on the day the dinosaurs died

the day the dinosaurs died

dinosaurs might not be extinct if the asteroid had struck elsewhere

after the dinosaurs’ demise, mammals seized the day

the bobtail-squid genome could demystify the microbiome

saving the bats, one cave at a time

how a rose bloomsits genome reveals the traits for scent and color

oceans are getting louder, posing potential threats to marine life

the hummingbird as warrior—evolution of a fierce and furious beak

chop up a worm—it will regenerate—scientists figured out why

squid share a colorful trick with peacocks

what is the most poisonous mushroom?

the 500-year-long science experiment

glaciers are retreating—millions rely on their water