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she’s out to save rare wildflowers, but first she has to find them

the superbloom is a glimpse of california’s past

quiet, please—you are not alone in your garden

an experiment repeated 600 times finds hints to evolution’s secrets

cheetah deaths in india mar reintroduction efforts

in australia, scientists begin vaccinating koalas against chlamydia

world penguin day 2023

from alpacas to yaks, mammal dna yields its secrets

untangling rosalind franklin’s role in dna discovery, 70 years on

why researchers turned this goldfish into a cyborg

they outlasted the dinosaurs—can they survive us?

moon-bathing turtles—research documents nighttime basking

animals are migrating to the great pacific garbage patch

avian flu has killed three california condors in northern arizona

the little-known world of caterpillars

are butterflies wildlife? depends where you live

what we learn from leafing through seed catalogues

in florida, an invasive snail is helping save an endangered bird

the first wiring map of an insect's brain hints at incredible complexity

the turtle moms that ‘talk” to their eggs before they hatch

how see-through glass frogs hide their red blood from predators

are you a model? crickets are so hot right now


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climate shocks are making parts of america uninsurable—it just got worse

in the bahamas, a constant race to adapt to climate change

more than half of the world's largest lakes are shrinking—here's why that matters

arizona's farms are running out of water, forcing farmers to confront climate change

california wants to store floodwaters underground—it's harder than it sounds

once “paradise,” parched colorado valley grapples with arsenic in water

danish wind pioneer keeps battling climate change

what history's hidden grandmother of climate science teaches us today

why california's floods may be only a taste of what's to come in a warmer world

tulare lake was drained off the map—nature would like a word

why deforestation means less rain in tropical forests

why melting ice sheets and glaciers are affecting people thousands of miles away

greenland's melting ice could be changing our oceans—just ask the whales

where are the whales? scientists find clues thousands of miles away

airline passengers could be in for a rougher ride, thanks to climate change

global warming could be juicing baseball home runs, study finds

climate solutions do exist—these six experts detail what they look like

climate change is fueling more conflict between humans and wildlife

climate is changing too quickly for the sierra nevada's “zombie forests”

mapping california’s “zombie” forests


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