Our Environment (continued)


how native americans will shape the future of water in the west

parched california misses a chance to store more rain underground

an activist group is spreading misinformation to stop solar projects in rural america

the salton sea, an accident of history, faces a new water crisis

the surreal abundance of alaska’s permafrost farms

heat wave killed marine wildlife en masse

heat wave killed an estimated one billion sea creatures, and scientists fear even worse

let the birds eat them—crops shrivel as heat wave hits washington state

The united states isn’t prepared for fires fueled by climate change

reservoirs are drying up as consequences of the western drought worsen

why record-breaking overnight temperatures are so concerning

climate change drove western heat wave’s extreme records, analysis finds

bringing back trees to redlined areas helps residents and the climate

air pollution’s invisible toll on your health

climate change is making it harder for campers to beat the heat

an sos from the ocean

how can coastal conservation save marine life and fishing practices?

why are whales essential to the health of our oceans?

arctic’s last ice area may be less resistant to global warming

a battle between a great city and a great lake

the climate crisis is a public health crisis

dispossessed, again—climate change hits native americans especially hard

our response to climate change is missing something big, scientists say

wildfires threaten urban water supplies, long after the flames are out

as western wildfires worsen, fema is denying most people who ask for help

climate change batters the west even before summer begins

against expectations, southwestern summers are getting even drier

it’s some of america’s richest farmland—but what is it without water?

arctic’s last ice area may be less resistant to global warming

capping methane-spewing oil wells, one hole at a time

that heat dome? yeah, it’s climate change

these superheroes could sharply reduce heat deaths

since when have trees existed only for rich americans?

can massive cargo ships use wind to go green?

flesh-eating parasites may be expanding their range as climate heats up

the western drought is bad—here’s what you should know about it

severe ancient droughts—a warning to california

melting snow usually means water for the west—but this year, it might not be enough

amid historic drought, a new water war in the west

the west can end the water wars now

the central california town that keeps sinking

how decades of racist housing policy left neighborhoods sweltering

as warming fuels disasters, relief often favors white people

farmers are feeling the pain as drought spreads in the northwest

as disasters worsen, california looks at curbing construction in risky areas

where wind and solar power need to grow for america to meet its goals

biden administration strikes a deal to bring offshore wind to california

pressure on the world's biggest polluters is increasing—but can it force change?

in a landmark case, a dutch court orders shell to cut its carbon emissions faster

here are america’s top methane emitter—some will surprise you

dispute over a coal industry pits poland against its neighbors

a million years of data confirms—monsoons are likely to get worse

fearing their kids will inherit dead coral reefs, scientists are urging bold action

a single fire killed at least ten percent of the world's giant sequoias, study says

a 20-foot sea wall? miami faces the hard choices of climate change

coal is set to roar back, and so are its climate risks

got mud? for coastal cities, humble dirt has become a hot commodity

climate disruption is already locked in—the next moves will be crucial

2018—the year in climate change

the nature you see in documentaries is beautiful and false

can we patch up the natural world we’ve hurt?

tropical forest destruction accelerated in 2020

they’re among the world’s oldest living thingsthe climate crisis is killing them

the past and the future of the earth’s oldest trees

destroying a way of life to save louisiana

a race against time to rescue a reef from climate change

global warming is driving polar bears toward extinction, researchers say

the great climate migration has begun

global methane emissions reach a record high

cutting greenhouse gases from food production is urgent, scientists say

what’s green soggy, and fights climate change?

how climate migration will reshape america

the most important number for the american west’s hideous fire season

melting glaciers are filling unstable lakes, and they’re growing

climate change is complex—answers to common questions

here’s what extreme heat looks like—profoundly unequal

hundreds of trees burned at california’s big basin redwood state park

loss of greenland ice sheet reached a record last year

far more microplastic in the atlantic ocean than previous estimates, study finds

states working to protect pollinator plants along highways

fracking firms fail, rewarding executives and raising climate fears

japan’s deadly combination—climate change and an aging society

in the parched southwest, warm springs renew threat of a mega-drought

phoenix is trying to combat climate change

a disastrous summer in the arctic

carbon dioxide keeps piling up in the atmosphere

mass extinctions are accelerating, scientists report

where is airborne plastic?  it’s everywhere scientists find

scientists are trying to save minnesota’s north woods from climate change

for this tribe, saving a river means saving the sturgeon

the quest to save the world’s glaciers

when coral’s colorful show is a sign that it’s sick

the water wars of arizona

a satellite lets scientists see antarctica’s melting like never before

hurricanes are reshaping evolution across the the caribbean

a decade after an oil spill, scientists still working to save bird habitats

wildlife collapse from climate change is predicted to hit suddenly and sooner

there’s no more water—climate change on a drying island

bumblebees are declining because of climate change

how europe turned into a perfect landscape for wildfires

the freshwater giants are dying

golf club for the one percent wants to seize a migratory bird habitat

a mustang crisis looms in the west

extreme weather in mozambique is outpacing efforts to adapt

climate change strikes at the heart of german identitythe woods

it’s a vast, visible climate menacewe made it visible

climate change is accelerating, bringing world dangerously close to irreversible change

fractured forests are endangering wildlife, scientists find

biologists investigate mass die-off of freshwater mussels

world’s oceans are losing oxygen rapidly, study finds

florida keys deliver a hard messageas seas rise some places can’t be saved

with waters rising and its population falling, what is venice’s future?

koalas aren’t extinct, but their future is in danger, experts say

bleak united nations report on a planet in peril looms over new climate talks

warming waters, moving fishhow climate change is reshaping iceland

rising seas will erase more cities by 2050, new research shows

as sea levels rise, so do ghost forests

how climate change could shift california’s santa ana winds

the world can make more water from the sea, but at what cost?

trees that survived california drought may hold clue to climate resilience

pumping oxygen in a lake to try to save fish facing climate change

thess state birds may be forced out of their states as the world warms

how oceans rise and die on a warming planet

the world’s oceans are in danger, major climate change report warns

birds are vanishing from north america

as the amazon smolders, fires choke the other side of the world

where does all the plastic go?

agriculture must change to prevent catastrophic warming

a quarter of humanity faces looming water crises

the changing climate within the world’s largest bat colony

russian land of permafrost and mammoths is is thawing

200 reindeer starved to death—experts call it a sign of climate change

birds adapt their behavior for climate change—but is it too little, too late?

following the money that undermines climate change science

documenting climate change by air, land, and sea

a historic neighborhood confronts rising seas

life in a city without water—anxious, exhausting, and sweaty

restoring forests could help put a brake on global warming, study finds

with more storms and rising seas, which u.s. cities should be saved first?

animal extinction—caring for the last of a species

if seeing the world ruins it, should we stay home?

a desert oasis dries up

companies see climate change hitting their bottom line in the next five years

how climate change may affect the plants in your yard

climate change and the new age of extinction

civilization is accelerating extinction and altering the natural world at an unprecedented pace

to combat climate change, start from the ground up (with dirt)

at the baltimore’s national aquarium, climate change presents challenges both inside and out

in a warming world, evidence of a human “fingerprint” on drought

from apples to popcorn, climate change is affecting the foods america grows

tips for teaching your students abut climate change and global warming

killing endangered animals—what punishment fits the crime?

how much ice has greenland lost to climate change?

when the glaciers disappear, species will go extinct

the great barrier reef was seen as too big to fail—a study suggests it isn’t

growing corn is a major contributor to air pollution, study finds

oceans are getting louder, posing potential threats to marine life

the hummingbird as warrior—evolution of a fierce and furious beak

glaciers are retreating—millions rely on their water