Physiology and Health


post-pandemic, even hospital care goes remote

will artificial intelligence help-or hurtmedicine?

america has a loneliness epidemichere are six steps to address it

diet culture can hurt kidsthis author advises parents to reclaim the word “fat”

nearly a third of nurses nationwide say they are likely to leave the profession

in the post-roe era, letting pregnant patients get sicker

a decoder that uses brain scans to know what you meanmostly

gene therapy for muscular dystrophy stirs hopes and controversy

the fight over a drug that is great for horses but horrific for humans

untangling rosalind franklin’s role in dna discovery, 70 years on

why heart disease in women is so often missed or dismissed

my transplanted heart and i will die soon

these devices save lives, but almost nobody has one at home

you may need that procedurebut do you really need an escort?

the surprising science of how pregnancy begins

exercise may help counteract the toll of poor sleep

more pollen, more allergiespersonalized exposure therapy treats symptoms

why do some people get urinary tract infections over and over? a new report holds clues

assisted-living homes are rejecting medicaid and evicting seniors

four tips for saying goodbye to someone you love

he was struggling after his daughter had a strokethen a doctor pulled up a chair

12-year-olds can't buy cigarettesbut they can work in tobacco fields

these devices sickened hundredsthe new models have risks, too

what to know about bacteria and eye drops

colorectal cancer is rising among gen x, y & zhere are five ways to protect yourself

california enters a contract to make its own affordable insulin

meet the girl whose brain rewired after losing a hemisphere

troubled u.s. organ transplant system targeted for overhaul

aggressive medical care remains common at life’s end

what does an ar-15 do to a human body?

feeling dismissed? how to spot “medical gaslighting” and what to do about it

80-hour weeks and roaches near your cot? more medical residents unionize

new treatment could help fix the heart’s “forgotten valve”

heartbeat may shape our perception of time, study shows

new drugscheaper drugswhy not both?

this safety-net hospital doctor treats mostly uninsured and undocumented patients

ethical concerns temper optimism about gene-editing for human diseases

sickle cell patient's success with gene editing raises hopes and questions

breast cancer gene linked to orkney islands

are allergies making me tired?

the value of good teeth

changing our clocks is a health hazardjust ask a sleep doctor

neurotech could connect our brains to computerswhat could go wrong, right?

could the next blockbuster drug be lab-rat free?

clues to bronze age cranial surgery revealed in ancient bones

nurses are burned outcan hospitals change in time to keep them?

fixing the health care worker shortage may be something congress can agree on

how does hospice care work?

rural hospitals are shuttering their maternity units

the number of mothers who die due to pregnancy or childbirth is unacceptable

can you get covid and the flu at the same time?

rsv recedes and flu peaks as a new covid variant shoots “up like a rocket”

as covid-19 continues to spread, so does misinformation about it

twitter will no longer enforce its covid misinformation policy

health experts warily eye xbb.1.5, the latest omicron subvariant

a surprise-billing law loophole? her pregnancy led to a six-figure hospital bill

eli lilly cuts the price of insulin, capping drug at $35 per month out-of-pocket

helping stroke patients regain movement in their hands

many personal care products contain harmful chemicalshere’s what to do about it

frail people are left to die in prison as judges fail to act on a law to free them

does drinking alcohol affect your dementia risk? we asked a researcher for insights

adderall shortage forces some patients to scramble, ration or go without

rem sleep is magicalhere’s what the experts know

how a consistent sleep schedule might protect your heart

why science still hasn't cracked the artificial heart

how healthy is your microbiome?

which type of eye doctor do you need? optometrists and ophthalmologists face off

to patients, herpes can be devastatingto many doctors, it’s not a priority

a new, experimental approach to male birth control immobilizes sperm

why the human genome was never completed

how do i know if my heart is healthy?

lasers, robots, and tiny electrodes are transforming treatment of severe epilepsy

a link between hearing voices and hearing your own voice

what to know before you freeze your eggs

the life-changing magic of a urologist

my watch thinks i’m dead

emergency rooms staffed by private equity firms aim to cut costs by hiring fewer doctors

why does the u.s. government lock medicine away in secret warehouses?

nausea, wobbling, confusiondogs are getting sick from discarded marijuana

what do we owe lab animals?

higher bills are leading americans to delay medical care

how financial counseling at the pediatrician's office can help families thrive

nearly $50,000 a week for a cancer druga man worries about bankrupting his family

the medicine is a miracle, but only if you can afford it

according to medical guidelines, your doctor needs a 27-hour workday

the icu nursea symbol of endurance

medical debt upended their liveshere's what it took from them

a baby spent 36 days at an in-network hospitalwhy did her parents get a huge bill?

how to approach weight loss differently

how long does it take to get fit again?

facing surgery? here’s how to prepare

how to prep for your first colonoscopy

cardiac arrest is often fatal, but doctors say certain steps can boost survival odds

many emergency rooms offer minimal care for miscarriageone group wants that to change

new tech gives hope for a million people with epilepsy

new blood donation rules to loosen restrictions on gay and bisexual men

after cancer diagnosis, a neurosurgeon sees life, death and his career in a new way

six doctors swallowed lego heads for sciencehere's what came out

why scientists dug up the father of genetics, gregor mendel, and analyzed his dna

what the ancient bog bodies knew

is spreading medical misinformation a doctor’s free speech right?

a deeply personal race against a fatal brain disease

science couldn't save her, so she became a scientist

a cell biologist shares the wonder of researching life's most fundamental form

transient ischemic attacks, which can be serious, may need a new name

in the hunt for a male contraceptive, scientists look to stop sperm in their tracks

with one dose, new drug may cure sleeping sickness—could it also wipe it out?

what if you could go to the hospital… at home?

how banks and hospitals are cashing in when patients can't pay for health care

medical bills remain inaccessible for many visually impaired americans

how to get heart patients to take their pills? give them just one

organ donations rise around motorcycle rallies

overlooked no more—mary eliza mahoney, who opened doors in nursing

what's it take to go from mechanic to physician at 51?

a rural doctor gave her all—then her heart broke

physician burnout has reached distressing levels, new research finds

the heartbreak and cost of losing a baby in america

why childbirth is so dangerous for many young teens

three sisters and the fight against alzheimer's disease

long covid has forced a reckoning for one of medicine’s most neglected diseases

how to time your flu shot for best protection

speeding up your daily walk could have big benefits

the future of hospitals—flexible space for the next pandemic

a devious cellular trick cancers can use to escape your immune system

her face started drooping—what was wrong?

$80,000 and five emergency room visitsan ectopic pregnancy takes a toll

medical debt ruined her credit—”it's like you're being punished for being sick”

they were entitled to free care—hospitals hounded them to pay

a news anchor had stroke symptoms on air—her colleagues jumped into action

why the bladder is number one!

pain in children is often ignored—for children of color, it’s even worse

late-stage cervical cancer cases are on the rise

fda clears path for hearing aids to be sold over the counter

scotland makes period products free

how pharmacy work stopped being so great

her discovery changed the world—how does she think we should use it?

the secret history of dna

artificial intelligence predicts the shape of nearly every protein known to science

new method improves speed and cost of birth defect testing

scientists revive cells in dead pigs’ organs

steve's heart stopped five times—quick thinking by his wife helped saved his life

nursing homes are suing friends and family to collect on patients' bills

the ambulance chased one patient into collections

your doppelgänger is out there and you probably share dna with them

why stinky sweat is good for you

the sleep debt collector is here

the quest by circadian medicine to make the most of our body clocks

when it comes to darker skin, pulse oximeters fall short

a 70-year-old man in gaza needed open heart surgeryit was a race against time

a trauma surgeon details the brutal impact of shootings, even for survivors

six ways to level up your daily walk

when are expired drugs truly expired?

a nasty disease is even nastier for patients with hivnow there's encouraging news

epa warns toxic “forever chemicals” more dangerous than once thought

centenarian tortoises may set the standard for anti-aging

crispr, 10 years onlearning to rewrite the code of life

the many uses of crisprscientists tell all

crispr in the classroom

side effects of a gene therapy may include… a completely new hair color?

why mosquitoes might find you irresistible

when routine medical tests trigger a cascade of costly, unnecessary care

medical debt upended their liveshere's what it took from them

stress might age the immune system, new study finds

they were cigarette smokersthen a stroke vanquished their addiction

the battle over gender therapy

giving a stranger a new lifeone student's story about donating stem cells

study raises questions about popular genetic test for “abnormal” embryos

scientists question data behind an experimental alzheimer’s drug

he was remarkably healthy until chronic diarrhea nearly killed him

a rattlesnake bit cary elweshere's what to do if it happens to you

transient ischemic attacks, which can be serious, may need a new name

a nurse finds herself on the other side of the equationas a patient

why nurses are raging and quitting after jury verdict

women are calling out medical gaslighting

facing invasive treatments for uterine fibroids, black women advocate for better care

as home births rise in popularity, some midwives operate in a legal gray area

never-ending costswhen resolved medical bills keep popping up

with a $2.1 million cure their only hope, parents plead for help online

scans reveal the brain's early growth, late decline, and surprising variability

in jumpy flies and fiery mice, scientists see the roots of human emotions

nurses are frustrated by months-long delays to get licensed in some states

nurses have finally learned what they’re worth

are we about to cure sickle-cell disease?

why you should always travel with compression socks, according to experts

the case of the $489,000 air ambulance ride

brain implant allows fully paralyzed patient to communicate

brain-imaging studies hampered by small data sets, study finds

something seemed to be blocking signals to her brainwhat was it?

she wasn’t on pcp, but her own body made her hallucinate

covid and schizophreniawhy this deadly mix can deepen understanding of the brain

how surgery evolved

a journey to the center of our cells

when an ancestry search reveals fertility fraud

nurses are waiting months for licenses as hospital staffing shortages spread

how long covid sheds light on other mysterious (and lonely) chronic illnesses

meet the dermatologists changing their field

when they warn of rare disorders, these prenatal tests are usually wrong

a hearing test for babies has angered parents

telehealth became a lifeline for older americansbut it still has glitches

here's what the new ban on surprise medical billing means for you

how do you get dental care when you can’t afford it?

they lost three daughters to sickle cellcan they save a fourth?

first sickle cell patient treated with crispr gene-editing still thriving

decision looms that could determine fate of alzheimer’s drug

a neuroscientist prepares for death

the pandemic has your blood pressure rising? you’re not alone

a brain circuit linking pain and breathing may offer a path to prevent opioid deaths

everyday people fear they have ctea dubious market has sprung up to treat them

five years later, researchers assess how children exposed to zika are developing

what can one life tell us about the battle against hiv?

why is good medical advice for pregnant women so hard to find?

the u.s. needs more nurses, but nursing schools don't have enough slots

decades after polio, martha is among the last to still rely on an iron lung to breathe

millions in u.s. aid benefited richer hospitals, a new study show

multiple myeloma is a rare cancer that seems to strike at random

selma blair wants you to see her living with multiple sclerosis

what your exercise habits might say about how long you’ll live

how lifelong cholesterol levels can harm or help your heart

what does the aspirin news mean for me?

coming soon, a surprise billing law may have unintended effects on health care

how one woman changed what doctors know about heart attacks

new brain maps could help the search for alzheimer's treatments

in the quest for a liver transplant, patients are segregated by prior alcohol use

first malaria vaccine approved by the world health organization

cutting out even a little salt can have big health benefits

how alcohol affects the heart

i’m haunted by sisters with sickle celltwo thrivedtwo suffered

pioneering gene therapy freed her of sickle cellis a cure at hand?

fighting the shame of skin picking

do we really need to take 10,000 steps a day for our health?

the abandoned baby who became a vogue model

the lonely, vital work of medical interpretation

they call it a “women’s disease”she wants to redefine it

a “game changer’’ for patients with esophageal cancer

crohn’s disease is on the rise

the robot surgeon will see you now

imagine, surgery without a scar

do brain implants change your identity?

the mysterious molecular culprit behind cold tooth pain

her doctor's office moved one floor upwhy did her treatment now cost ten times more?

“i am worth it”—why thousands of doctors in america can’t get a job

“doctors blackwell” tells the story of two pioneering sisters who changed medicine

the blackwell sisters and the harrowing history of modern medicine

how much exercise do you need for better heart health?

the benefits of moderate exercise

there is no “one size fits all” treatment for asthma

what happens when you breathe

how meaningful is prediabetes for older adults?

how scientists shot down cancer’s “death star”

a colonoscopy alternative comes home

physicians, facing burnout, turn to self-care

her white blood count was dangerously low—was medical school still safe?

how rich hospitals profit from patients in car crashes

the rise of the wellness app

when did everyone get blue-light glasses?

could the amazon save your life?

what to know about colon cancer

the race to redesign sugar

peace corps faces questions over another volunteer death

she craved salt and felt nauseated for months—what was wrong?

one sperm donor, 36 children, a mess of lawsuits

i got blown up in iraq—years later, amputating my leg set me free

the pride was hard won—will a growth drug undermine it?

rising shingles cases in adults puts unvaccinated children at risk

dermatology has a problem with skin color

haunted by a gene

haunted by a gene—a second interview 30 years later

crispr used to edit genes of a patient with a rare form of blindness

why don’t bats get sick even though they carry many viruses?

surgeon general says many people aren’t told to stop smoking by medical professionals

some polynesians carry native american dna, study finds

a boy with muscular dystrophy was headed for a wheelchairthen gene therapy arrived

once science fiction, gene editing is now a looming reality

gut microbes might keep malnourished children from growing

america’s looming primary care crisis

young doctors working christmas get a lesson in healing

the overnight shift in the emergency room

snapshots of my patients

frail older patients struggle after even minor operations

more americans are dying at home than in hospitals

how walking might affect our sleep

having a doctorate in not having moneymedical school costs

when a dna test says you’re a younger man, who lives 5,000 miles away

trauma surgeon battles bullets in the operating room and the community

is it a nasty cold or the flu?

a cancer approach tailored to seniors may have better results

the most remote emergency roomlife and death in rural america

crispr for sickle cell disease shows promise in early test

crispr takes its first steps in editing genes to fight cancer

surgery for blocked arteries is often unwarranted, researchers find

how to talk to teens about vaping

how anti-vaccine sentiment took hold in the united states

in the pancreas, common fungi may drive cancer

twin birth rates drop for the first time since the 1980s

in the medical desert of rural america, one doctor for 11,000 square miles

consumer reports finds potentially unsafe bicycle helmets widely available online

some bicycle helmets don’t meet federal standardsconsumer reports

fake bicycle helmetscheap but dangerous

doctors and nurses addicted to opioids often kept from “gold standard” treatment

as patients struggle with bills, hospital sues thousands

the mysterious vaping illness that’s becoming an epidemic

organoids are not brains—how are they making brain waves?

can genetics explain why some people thrive on less sleep?

how medicine became the stealth, family-friendly profession

why the soviets sent dogs, not primates, to space

cancer treatment at the end of life

the price of snakebite drugs is still sky-high, despite competition

guide dogs don’t lead blind people—we wander as one

chemical or mineral sunscreen? what to know about current sunscreen research

alcohol producers sell health benefits, but scientists are wary

precision medicine research must build more diversity and trust says bioethicist

neurologist unlocks a secret world of sleep and sleep disorders

the promise and price of cellular therapies

shielding kids from the sun isn’t just about sunscreen

simple steps to help seniors from falling

urinary tract infections affect millions—the cures are faltering

the challenge of caring for a stroke patient

scientists are giving dead brains new life—what could go wrong?

some hospitals sue patients and garnish their wages for unpaid bills

drug companies are focusing on the poor after decades of ignoring them

doctors learn the nuts and bolts of robotic surgery

warning of pig zero—one drugmaker’s push to sell more antibiotics

robocalls are overwhelming hospitals and patients, threatening a new kind of health crisis

as the price of insulin soars, americans caravan to canada for lifesaving medicine

we either buy insulin or we die

migrants in custody in hospitals are treated like felons, doctors say

garbriele grunewald didn’t win this race—but oh did she shine

the elderly are getting complex surgeries—often it doesn’t end well

become my mom again—what it’s like to grow up amid the opioid crisis

fighting the gender stereotypes that warp biomedical research

half of h.i.v. patients are women—most research subjects are men

the atomic soldiers—u.s. veterans used as guinea pigs break their silence

at $2.1 million, new gene therapy is the most expensive drug ever

to reduce food waste, fda urges “best if used by” date labels

she had stage 4 lung cancer, and a mountain to climb

meet the mites that live on your face

citrus farmers facing deadly bacteria turn to antibiotics, alarming health officials

artificial intelligence took a test to detect lung cancer—it got a letter grade of “a”

stem cell treatments flourish with little evidence that they work

how you (and your dog) can avoid snakebites, and what to do if you get one

hospitals strain to identify john doe and jane doe patients without breaking privacy laws

anesthesia gases add to global warming, but some much less than others

why people fake cancer online

ageism—a prevalent and insidious health threat

you will never smell the world the way i do

tuition or dinner? nearly half of students surveyed in a new report are going hungry

drug agency calls for strong warning labels on popular sleep aids

as artificial intelligence moves into medicine, the human touch could be a casualty

in african villages, these phones become ultrasound scanners

a young camper’s $142,938 snakebite

why your doctor’s white coat can be a threat to your health

decoded brain signals could give voiceless people a way to talk

when is snoring a serious health issue?

cancer’s trick for dodging the immune system

the diagnosis is alzheimer’s—but that’s probably not the only problem

you’re covered in fungi—how does that affect your health?

at 71, she never felt pain or anxiety—scientists now know why

many don’t apply sunscreen around eyes and other spots vulnerable to skin cancer

death-cap mushrooms are fatally poisonous

what is the most poisonous mushroom?

the aftermath of a deadly mushroom bloom in california

aspiring doctors seek advanced training in addiction medicine

how strokes happen when a person is young

face blindness—he can’t recognize his loved ones

a guide to sleep apnea

sleepless flies lived long lives—why not us?

how to make your office more ergonomically correct

the challenge of managing other people’s pain

awake on the table

time to put fluffy and fido on a diet?

is it a nasty cold or the flu?

artificial intelligence could worsen health disparities

what allergens are in your food?  you can’t always tell from the labels

he swallowed a toothpick—it could have killed him

the personal toll of whistle-blowing

the history of blood

these patients had sickle cell disease—experimental therapies might have cured them

to address disparities, medical students push for more LGBT health training

nurses get hands-on training on how to handle death

how to stop rogue gene-editing of embryos?

health effects of pregnancy can last a lifetime

life, death and insulin

the insulin wars

what happens when the doctor blames for for your own cancer?

how to keep your pets safe during the holidays

virtual reality helps hospice workers see life and death through a patient’s eyes

lives lost, organs wasted

depression may be a side effect of some common drugs

guitarist has brain surgery, and strums all the way through

heroin addiction explained—how opioids hijack the brain

suicide, quarterbacks, and a family

how do you recover after millions have watched you overdose?

seeking clues to longevity in lonesome george’s genes

exercise wins—fit seniors can have hearts that look 30 years younger

do cruciferous vegetables really fight cancer?

a push for diversity in medical school is slowly paying off

changes in brain scans seen after a single season of youth football

the caretaker of the chin hairs

thanks to science, you can eat an apple every day

hospitals rethink role of medical device representatives during surgery

how doctors and nurses cope with the human toll of gun violence

new federal exercise guidelines emphasize moving more throughout the day

why doctors hate their computers

neuroscientists debate how does the brain store a phone number?

once paralyzed, three men take steps again with spinal implant

training the next generation of doctors and nurses

miscarrying at workthe physical toll of pregnancy discrimination

workers overdose on the job, and employers struggle to respond

more evidence that nutrition studies don’t always add up

the quest for silence in a loud world

trim and fit? you may still have heart disease

a possibly lifesaving guide to heart attacks

congratulations, your study went nowhere

why your dna is still uncharted territory

fake bicycle helmetscheap but dangerous

where a sore throat becomes a death sentence

weighing the pros and cons of statins

patient voicesmultiple sclerosis

keyless cars and their carbon monoxide toll

injecting opioids can ruin a hearthow many second chances should a user get?

how to increase your chances of a long, healthy life

residency training for nurse practitioners is becoming more common

what should medicine do when it cannot save you?

the neuroscience of pain

how much pain should animals endure for science?

how pediatricians fail gender-nonconforming children

to keep women from dying in childbirth, look to california

swift gene-editing method may revolutionize treatments for cancer and infectious diseases

crispr conundrumhow cells fend off gene editing

what can odd, interesting medical case studies teach us?

how to meet your body’s water needs

how to read a food label

hangry? ingredients are hunger and negative stimuli

buckle up a helmet to save a life

sickle cell patients endure discrimination, poor care, and shortened lives

oversize eyedrops waste medicine and money

as overdose deaths pile-up, a medical examiner quits the morgue

with a simple dna test, family histories are rewritten

brain mapping guides surgeons in removal of musician’s tumor

take the generic patients are tolduntil they are not

111 national football league players, all but one had brain damage

what bullets do to bodies

the cost of not taking your medication.doc

revenge of the lunch lady

hannah is a girl, doctors finally treat her like one.doc

when the picky eater is a grown-up.doc

in toy ads and on the catwalk, models with down syndrome.doc

the soaring cost of a simple breath.doc

guns, smoke, and mirrors.doc

smoking bans drive down heart attack rates.doc