Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)


Ready for an n95 respirator? Here's how to find a high-quality one that fits you well

Counterfeit respirators—misrepresentation of niosh-approval

COVID-19 contact tracing certification (online course offered at no cost), Johns Hopkins University


covid may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, researchers find

the school where the pandemic never ended

f.d.a. authorizes another covid booster shot for people over 65

surviving long covid three years into the pandemic

who is most at risk for long covid?

should you get another covid booster?

f.d.a. advisers endorse paxlovid’s benefits as a covid treatment

lab leak or not? how politics shaped the battle over covid’s origin

“we were helpless”despair at the c.d.c. as the pandemic erupted

on 3/11/20, w.h.o. declared a pandemicthese quotes and photos recall that historic time

pregnancy and covidwhat women need to know

covid worsened a health crisis among pregnant women

long covid patients more likely to have gastrointestinal problems, study finds

the origins of the covid pandemicwhat we know and don’t know

w.h.o. calls on china to share data on raccoon dog link to pandemichere's what we know

moderna's covid vaccine gambithike the price, offer free doses for uninsured

three years into covid, and we still don’t know how to talk about it

what does the science say about the origin of the sars-cov-2 pandemic?

what the end of the covid public health emergency could mean for you

family caregivers of people with long covid bear an extra burden

who should get a covid booster now? new data offers some clarity

after long delay, moderna pays n.i.h. for covid vaccine technique

for older americans, the pandemic is not over

she helped unlock the science of the covid vaccine

five unusual covid symptomsand what to do about them

as the pandemic ebbs, an influential covid tracker shuts down

a food subsidy many college students relied on is ending with the pandemic emergency

covid-19 made pulse oximeters ubiquitousengineers are fixing their racial bias

are there places you should still mask in, forever? three experts weigh in

deer could be a reservoir of old coronavirus variants, study suggests

what are the symptoms of an infection with bq.1 and bq.1.1?

it’s time to wear a mask again, health experts say

covid flashbackon january 30, 2020, w.h.o. declared a global health emergency

long-covid clinics are wrestling with how to treat their patients

long covid is keeping significant numbers of people out of work, study finds

covid depression is realhere’s what you need to know

airplane toilets could catch the next covid variant

the fda considers a major shift in the nation's covid vaccine strategy

is it time for a reality check on rapid covid tests?

long-covid clinics are wrestling with how to treat their patients

will covid boosters prevent another wave? scientists aren’t so sure

happy birthday, omicron

masks cut covid spread in schools, study finds

new covid variants are circulating—here’s what to know

how monoclonal antibodies lost the fight with new covid variants

early signs a new u.s. covid surge could be on its way

warning signs about the first post-pandemic winter

half of adults have heard little or nothing about new covid boosters, survey finds

potent new covid boosters are here—will weary americans bother?

the new covid booster could be the last you'll need for a year, federal officials say

cdc recommends new booster shots to fight omicron

how many california kids have gotten their covid shots?

nearly eight million kids lost a parent or primary caregiver to the pandemic

one of long covid’s worst symptoms is also its most misunderstood

so you haven't caught covid yet—does that mean you're a superdodger?

how a chinese doctor who warned of covid-19 spent his final days

whatever happened to the botswana scientist who identified omicron and then caught it?

can the coronavirus booster cause a positive test? when should you get it?

to mask, or not to mask—theaters and concert halls face a dilemma

what to do if you’re experiencing hair loss after covid

coronavirus world mapwe've now passed the 500 million mark for infections

when will the pandemic end? and other pressing questions, answered

we are still in a race against the coronavirus

how to live with covid when you are tired of living with covid

millions of americans have long covidmany of them are no longer working

in rural america, covid hits black and hispanic people hardest

many people couldn't get care during the pandemic, poll finds

over half of people infected with the omicron variant didn't know it, a study finds

reformulated covid vaccine boosters may be available earlier than expected

what's behind the fda's controversial strategy for evaluating new covid boosters

scientists try to keep up with faster coronavirus evolution

does a faint line on a self-test mean i'm barely contagious?

i’m a virologist, and i’m setting the record straight on variants and reinfections

how some parents changed their politics in the pandemic

newly published evidence points to wuhan seafood market as pandemic origin point

despite another covid surge, deaths stay near lows

what parents should know about covid shots for young children?

still testing positive after day ten? how to decide when to end your covid isolation

i took a trip and caught covidwhat should i do? when can i go home?

fda says covid boosters for the fall must target newer omicron types

six things we've learned about how the pandemic disrupted learning

i got covidthen i got it againwhat's the deal with reinfection?

how long does covid immunity last? will a second illness be worse? how can i prepare?

ivermectin has no discernible effect on recovery time from covid, study finds

he helped cure the “london patient” of hivthen he turned to covid

the impact of covid-19, a million deaths in

covid vaccines are finally here for young kidsbut the logistics aren't easy

“smell ya later, covid!” how dogs are helping schools stay covid-free

even with federal funds, u.s. schools still rely on low-cost methods to slow covid, a study shows

omicron poses about half the risk of long covid as delta, new research finds

covid took many in the prime of life, leaving families to pick up the pieces

the lost americans

one million (new york times podcast)

how many of america's one million covid deaths were preventable? (npr podcast)

how often can you be infected with the coronavirus?

she lost her babythen antivaxxers made her pain go viral

how vaccine misinformation spread through the parenting world (npr podcast)

the pandemic has been punishing for working mothersbut mostly, they’ve kept working

“red counties” continue to suffer far higher covid death tolls

for two years, this washington island has grappled with the long reach of covid

“better than omicron” is still pretty bad

what we know about long covid so far

three ways to get covid pills, if you've just tested positive

the federal government is offering another round of free covid tests

four high school students talk mental health and how the pandemic changed them

in the rush to return to “normal,” what happens to the vulnerable?

the drive to vaccinate the world against covid is losing steam

omicron was more severe for unvaccinated children in 5-to-11 age group, study shows

many virus cases go uncounted. are there better ways to track the pandemic?

what an unvaccinated police sergeant who nearly died of covid wants you to know

are we in the middle of an invisible covid wave?

loss of pandemic aid stresses hospitals that treat the uninsured

here's why you might still want to wear masks on public transport

i'm a one-way maskerwith mask mandates going away, is that helpful?

former u.s. surgeon general jerome adams calls for masking compassion

mask ruling underscores deep split in attitudes

the masks, the cdc and the judgea battle brewing since 1944

the judge who tossed mask mandate misunderstood public health law, legal experts say

the 1944 law that gave the cdc its powers, explained

battle over cdc's powers goes far beyond travel mask mandate

the coronavirus has infected more than half of americans, the cdc reports

moderna says its new bivalent vaccine shows promise against covid variants

moderna asks fda to authorize first covid-19 vaccine for very young children

she wanted to vaccinate their kids against covidhe didn'ta judge had to decide

can we trust rapid covid tests against ba.2? this is what the experts say

the final pandemic betrayal

as families grieve, grandparents step up

many virus cases go uncountedare there better ways to track the pandemic?

covid disparities persist for black americansbut there are lessons for the future

what to do if you test positive for covid at this point in the pandemic

a new wave of covid-19 is cominghere’s how to prepare

two new omicron variants are spreading in new york and elsewhere

do i really need another booster? the answer depends on age, risk, and timing

covid-19 infection increases risk for diabetes, a new study says

how long covid is accelerating a revolution in medical research

why hasn't my daughter caught covid? two factors likely protect herand maybe you too

fda panel explores challenges of revamping coronavirus vaccines

a new covid breath test holds promise, but wide use may still be far off

ivermectin does not prevent covid-19 hospitalization, a new study says

cuts in britain could cause a covid data drought

another covid surge may be comingare we ready for it?

hospitalizations of young children with the virus surged during the u.s. omicron wave

vaccines remained highly effective at preventing serious illness and death during omicron surge

americans are stuck in unhealthy pandemic habitshere's how to reboot

as offices open and mask mandates drop, some anxieties set in

what long covid shows us about the limits of medicine

“he goes where the fire is”—a virus hunter in the wuhan market

delta and omicron met up inside one person and made a hybrid

a cdc airport surveillance program found the earliest known u.s. cases of omicron subvariants

inside the high-stakes race to test the covid tests

on pacific islands covid once spared, an outbreak accentuates inequality

how californians feel about the end of school mask mandates

what’s the deal with masks on commercial airplanes?

as virus data mounts, the johnson & johnson vaccine holds its own

who should get a fourth covid shot?

death toll surpasses six million for the pandemic now in its third year

you can order free covid tests from the government again

what does endemic mean—and are we there yet?

after two years of pandemic life, turn toward normalcy is a shake-up

how the coronavirus steals the sense of smell

the pandemic after the pandemic

covid may cause changes in the brain, new study finds

for some patients, cardiovascular problems persist long after covid

covid long-haulers face grueling fights for disability benefits

cdc's new covid metrics can leave individuals struggling to understand their risk

striking new evidence points to wuhan seafood market as the pandemic's origin point

new coronavirus lineage discovered in ontario deer

if you haven’t thought about coronavirus in animals, you should

”stealth” omicron is stealthy no morewhat’s known about the ba.2 variant

new “deltacron” variant is rare and similar to omicron, experts say

what will our covid future be like? here are two signs to look out for

the precarious lives of india's covid widows

chaos of war in ukraine could fuel new covid surge, doctors say

new zealand changes its tack on surging covid-19 cases

as covid spread in federal prisons, many at-risk inmates tried and failed to get out

900,000 americans have died of covid in two years of the global pandemic

the last pandemic aid anybody wants to need

vulnerable to the virus, high-risk americans feel pain as the u.s. moves on

the millions of people stuck in pandemic limbo

protecting the vulnerable

how long covid exhausts the body

covid patients may have increased risk of developing mental health problems

in rural america, patients are waiting for caresometimes with deadly consequences

vaccine hesitancy has seeped into home health care

covid won’t end up like the fluit will be like smoking

if you're finding this stage of the pandemic especially confusing, you're not alone

long covid sufferers are struggling with exercise

what's the best way to protect school-age kids from covid?

a 16-year-old wanted to get the covid vaccinehe had to hide it from his parents

teen lives, interrupted by covid

with mask restrictions set to lift, a haze of uncertainty lingers

if you tested positive and the contact tracer never called, here's why

take a look at sars-cov-2's family treeit's full of surprises

the future of the pandemic is looking clearer as we learn more about infection

vaccine scientists have been chasing variantsnow, they’re seeking a universal coronavirus vaccine

why omicron is crushing hospitalseven though cases are often milder than delta

a shrinking band of southern nurses, neck-deep in another covid wave

there's one population that gets overlooked by an “everyone will get covid” mentality

as omicron crests, booster shots are keeping americans out of hospitals

the nursing home staffing crisis right now is like nothing we've seen before

people are hiding that their unvaccinated loved ones died of covid

as covid shots for kids stall, appeals are aimed at wary parents

patient who refused covid vaccine was denied a heart transplant

a second version of omicron is spreadinghere's why scientists are on alert

what's next for the pandemic? will covid-19 become endemic soon?

what's the risk of catching omicron outdoors?

new research hints at four factors that may increase chances of long covid

can omicron cause long covid?

charting an omicron infection

omicron’s radical evolution

anthony fauci is up against more than a virus

the coronavirus will surprise us again

the fda limits the use of some monoclonal antibodies treatments

seniors are at high risk of covid, but medicare doesn't pay for rapid tests

why rapid covid tests aren't more accurate and how scientists hope to improve them

what we know about the symptoms and the severity of the omicron variant

cdc says n95 masks offer far better protection than cloth masks against omicron variant

california extends its indoor mask mandate until february as omicron surge continues

unvaccinated women with covid are more likely to lose fetuses and infants, scottish data show

a surge in hospitalized young children infected with the coronavirus

want to get omicron and just get it over with? here's why that's a bad idea

disruption, dismay, dissentamericans grapple with omicron’s rise

americans are tuning out as omicron ragesexperts call for health messaging to adapt

for the 36 countries with the lowest vaccination rates, supply isn't the only issue

quebec's “unvaxxed tax” has people rushing to get vaccinated

fact checkthe theory that sars-cov-2 is becoming milder

what the omicron wave looks like at one brooklyn emergency room

california hospitals find that omicron causes fewer hospitalizations and shorter stays

short-staffed and covid-battered, u.s. hospitals are hiring more foreign nurses

in omicron hot spots, hospitals fill up, but intensive care units may not

essential workers face a tough choicefind a test or miss work

some colleges loosen rules for a virus that won’t go away

fda shortens the wait time between moderna vaccine and booster to five months

halting progress and happy accidentshow messenger rna vaccines were made

at-home coronavirus tests are inaccessible to blind people

as u.s. nears 800,000 virus deaths, one of every 100 older americans has perished

omicron is spreading at lightning speedscientists are trying to figure out why

studies suggest why omicron is less severeit spares the lungs

omicron variant might help defend against delta, lab study suggests

with omicron, you need a mask that means business

why los angeles delayed enforcing its student vaccine mandate

are schools ready for the next big surge?

another surge in the virus has colleges fearing a mental health crisis

remind me, how do you define mild, moderate and severe covid?

what are the symptoms of omicron?

the scientist in botswana who identified omicron was saddened by the world's reaction

doctors and nurses are “living in a constant crisis” as covid fills hospitals

hospitals scramble as antibody treatments fail against omicron

icu teams report fatigue and frustration as they brace for omicron surge

a respiratory therapist fought on covid’s front lines—the last wave broke him

as omicron spreads, officials ponder what it means to be “fully vaccinated”

trust in covid-19 vaccines is vital to control the pandemicwhy are some hesitant?

as omicron spreads and cases soar, the unvaccinated remain defiant

from the “silent majority” to the unvaxxed minority

u.s. military moves to discharge service members who refuse to get vaccinated

as at-home tests surge, doubts rise about accuracy of public covid counts

most of the world’s vaccines likely won’t prevent infection from omicron

beneath a covid vaccine debacle, 30 years of government culpability

our relationship with covid vaccines is just getting started

how pandemics end

will shortened isolation periods spread the virus?

puerto rico faces staggering covid case explosion

u.s. could see one million cases per day, warns departing nih director francis collins

another christmas of death and distress in america’s intensive care units

what our family learned from our post-thanksgiving coronavirus outbreak

first u.s. vaccine mandate in 1809 launched 200 years of court battles

fix the global vaccine rollout or face even worse covid variants, experts warn

the most-vaccinated big counties in america are beating the worst of the coronavirus

certain counties now have far higher covid death ratesmisinformation is to blame

i am an e.r. doctor in michigan, where unvaccinated people are filling hospital beds

how philadelphia achieved high vaccination rate for health workers

data analysts proved what black pittsburgh knew about covid's racial disparities

one in ten americans say the covid-19 vaccine conflicts with their religious beliefs

a scientist behind the astrazeneca vaccine is warning the next pandemic may be worse

what’s really behind global vaccine hesitancy

help me with omicron vocabularywhat's immune evasion? epistasis?

new evidence shows omicron likely spreads twice as fast as delta in south africa

omicron possibly more infectious because it shares genetic code with common cold coronavirus

the variant huntersinside south africa’s effort to stanch dangerous mutations

inside a sequencing lab on the front lines of america’s search for omicron

omicron’s best- and worst-case scenarios

omicron is fast moving, but perhaps less severe, early reports suggest

poop sleuths hunt for early signs of omicron in sewage

omicron spreads uncertainty about holiday travel and dampens recovery for airlines

why hospitalizations are now a better indicator of covid’s impact

vaccine mandates rekindle fierce debate over civil liberties

what does it mean if the booster knocks me out? what if it doesn't?

how the u.s. got on the slow track with at-home covid tests

in new mexico, the pandemic rages on

a mass covid grave in peru has left families bereft and fighting for reburial

tracking omicron and other coronavirus variants

will the vaccines stop omicron? scientists are racing to find out

as the omicron variant arrives in the west, wealthy countries are reaping what they sowed

what to know about omicron, the new covid variant

how vaccine-makers plan to address the new covid-19 omicron variant

how omicron, the new covid-19 variant, got its name

as young kids get vaccines, a “huge weight” is lifted for families

cdc endorses covid vaccine booster shots for all adults

the pandemic’s next surge depend on three unknowns

when can the covid masks finally come off?

welcoming family into your home for the holidays? here's how to keep covid out

with hospitals full, central california pleading to send covid-19 patients to los angeles

A flood of covid patients causes “almost unmanageable” strain in Michigan as cases rise nationwide

for many icu survivors and their families, life is never the same

they died from covidthen the online attacks started

once rare, lung transplants for covid-19 patients are rising quickly

he got new lungs after covidnow comes the hard part

what is long covid? and what is my risk of getting it?

overdose deaths reached record high as the pandemic spread

how easily can vaccinated people spread covid?

why retailers are fighting a vaccine mandate before the holidays

the vaccine-mandate battle

some organ donors and recipients are fighting covid-19 vaccination requirement

white house plans major expansion of covid vaccine production

southern states fall behind in vaccinating kids as pediatric infections climb

first known covid case was vendor at wuhan market, scientist says

peru has the world's highest covid death ratehere's why

why russia hasn’t cracked down on covid-19

protests have broken out across europe in response to tightened covid-19 restrictions

must this swab go that far up your nose to test for covid?

what we know so far about waning vaccine effectiveness

i just got a boostercan i go back to my pre-pandemic routines?

all adults can get a covid vaccine booster in california, not just those cdc listed

parents, we're here to helpanswers to your covid vaccine questions

when can kids take off their masks in school? here's what some experts say

new clues to the biology of long covid are starting to emerge

new zealand maori tribe demands vaccine protesters stop performing haka dance

europe and russia battle a new wave of covid-19

singapore will stop covering the medical bills of unvaccinated covid-19 patients

nursing homes can now lift most covid restrictions on visits

“they see us as the enemy”school nurses battle covid-19 and angry parents

ten states sue the u.s. over the vaccine mandate for health care workers

harvard-npr panel on the fight to tame covid (video)

what to know about the coronavirus in pets

why don’t we have a covid vaccine for pets?

what dr. fauci sees coming for the pandemic this winter

covid is still crushing parts of the u.s. as the holiday season approaches

strict mandate takes effect in los angelesbusiness patrons must show proof of vaccination

in return to campuses, students with disabilities fear they’re being left behind

there's more demand for boosters than first shots of the covid vaccine

moonshot in the arm

origin of the novel coronavirus may remain murky, u.s. intelligence agencies say

she died with long covidshould her organs have been donated?

is moderna really better than pfizeror is it just a higher dose?

an unsolved mysterywhy do more men die of covid-19?

big bird talks to dr. gupta about covid-19 vaccine fears

sesame street’s big bird got “vaccinated” against covid-19, drawing outrage from some quarters

cdc recommends covid vaccine for younger children

some parents want to wait to vaccinate their kidshere's why doctors say do it now

if history is a guide, schools will start requiring covid vaccines

thousands of federal workers seek religious exemptions to avoid shots

why puerto rico leads the u.s. in covid vaccine rateand what states can learn

how does a country with no covid reopen its borders? these places are finding out

too many people think the pandemic is over, warns england's no. 2 medical officer

widespread coronavirus infection found in iowa deer, new study says

is it covid-19 or the flu?

fda panel recommends covid shots for children 5 to 11

has the novel coronavirus virus infected huge numbers of younger children?

vaccinated seniors navigate life in mostly unvaccinated rural America

covid's endgamescientists have a clue about where sars-cov-2 is headed

vaccination protects against covid-19 more strongly than previous infection does, cdc study finds

starting next year, some immunocompromised people may receive a fourth covid vaccine dose, the cdc says

how can we safely deliver vaccines to the right cells?

a dangerous legal battle over vaccine mandates will continue

u.s. supreme court won’t block maine’s vaccine mandate for health care workers

hiv activists have a history of outrageous energycovid protesters hope to match it

south korea seeks a path to normal life from covid-19

not everyone in new york wanted the coronavirus to lose

would new york city employees rather lose a paycheck than get vaccinated?

when tennessee fired its vaccine chief, officials were caught off guard, emails show

what previous covid-19 waves tell us about the virus now

people wonder if they should keep calm and carry on in the face of delta plus variant

cdc recommends covid booster shots for millions of americans

despite higher covid risk, most pregnant americans remain unvaccinated

should you get a covid booster if you are pregnant?

their jobs made them get vaccinatedthey refused

thousands of workers across the u.s. would rather lose their jobs than be vaccinated

waiting on u.s. mandate, some nursing homes are slow to vaccinate staff

here’s why developing countries can make mrna covid vaccines

mix-and-match covid boosterswhy they just might work

small needles and short lines—the president’s plan to vaccinate young children

the u.s. and israel were early world leaders on vaccinationsnow they are trailing

gates foundation pledges $120 million to help get covid pills quickly to poor countries

while covid still rages, anti-vaccine activists will gather for a big conference

the real scandal about ivermectin

the cdc emphasizes covid vaccinations as a key to safe holiday gatherings

they resisted getting vaccinatedhere’s why they changed their minds

wearing a mask and getting vaccinated helps reduce covid case rates among school-aged kids

the political fight over vaccine mandates deepens despite their effectiveness

threats, resignations, and one-hundred new lawswhy public health is in crisis

48 hours to livean oklahoma hospital’s rush to find an icu bed for a covid patient

“emotionally, physically, and mentally tired”nurses say morale has hit a pandemic low

vaccine mandates stoked fears of labor shortagesbut hospitals say they’re working

with hospitals crowded from covid, one in five american families delays health care

maori leader calls new zealand's covid-19 strategy a “death warrant” for her people

“lurching between crisis and complacency”—was this our last covid surge?

what the future may hold for the coronavirus and us

past pandemics remind us covid will be an era, not a crisis that fades

npr poll—the delta surge pushed americans further behind in all walks of life

a wisconsin brewery is helping parents sue school districts that don't require masks

moderna and flagship pioneering, noubar afeyan

fda panel recommends moderna booster for people 65 and older and adults at high risk

the world needs more covid vaccines, so the united states is helping finance overseas plants

will new covid treatments be as elusive for poor countries as vaccines?

antibody tests can’t give answers you want about covid-19 immunity

world health organization launches a new group to study the origins of the coronavirus

how the hunt for this virus shaped the search for coronavirus’s origins

newly discovered bat viruses give hints to covid’s origins

police officers and unions put up a fight against vaccine mandates for public workers

washington state fires head football coach over vaccine refusal

over 120,000 american children have lost a parent or caregiver to covid-19

young, pregnant, and unvaccinatedhospitals confront a wave of severe illness and death

hundreds of police officers have died from covidvaccines remain a hard sell

boosters are complicating efforts to persuade the unvaccinated to get shots

new study finds more than a third of covid-19 patients have symptoms months later

pfizer asks the food and drug administration. to authorize its covid-19 vaccine for children 5 to 11

millions of kids’ coronavirus shots ready to goinitial doses to be shared on a population basis

a new vaccine strategy for childrenjust one dose, for now

moderna, racing for profits, keeps covid vaccine out of reach of poor

merck asks fda to authorize promising anti-covid pill

hospitals brace for an onslaught this winter, from flu as well as covid

people who want organ transplants must get the covid-19 vaccine, a hospital says

to capture the scope of covid's toll, this photographer spent 30 hours on one photo

a 105-year-old woman who survived the 1918 flu dies after contracting covid

“covid toes” may be caused by a powerful immune response, a new study finds

34,000 home health aides in new york miss a vaccination deadline and cannot work

covid-19 vaccines are entering uncharted immune territory

why the u.s. pandemic playbook was no match for covid

the mysterious case of the covid-19 lab leak theory

nine pandemic words that almost no one gets right

with masks on or off, schools try to find the new normal

get a fan and get vaccinated, the cdc says in its safety tips for the holidays

how to use rapid home tests (once you find them)

faced with losing their jobs, even the most hesitant are getting vaccinated

vaccine hesitancy, an issue among police officers, is also evident among firefighters

the right to health

u.s. coronavirus death toll surpasses 700,000 despite wide availability of vaccines

unvaccinated people are eleven times more likely to die of covid-19, new research finds

in one of the country's most vaccinated places, masks were still key to slowing covid-19

in alaska’s covid crisis, doctors must decide who lives and who dies

ready to get the covid vaccine? here's how to book it in your state

we’re already barreling toward the next pandemic

the mask slackers of 1918

what new york looked like during the 1918 flu pandemic

holidays in a pandemic? here’s what happened in 1918

is the coronavirus getting better at airborne transmission?

health workers know what good care ispandemic burnout is getting in the way

are you pregnant? the cdc really wants you to get vaccinated against covid-19

for parents of disabled children, school mask wars are particularly wrenching

i'm vaccinatedcan i give a hug or a handshake without risk?

as students with long-haul covid return to school, many districts don’t fully know how to help

california will require all schoolchildren to get a covid vaccine once fully approved

new york city can impose vaccine mandate on teachers, federal appeals court says

inside united airlines’ decision to mandate coronavirus vaccines

“mandates are working”employer ultimatums lift vaccination rates, so far

how asia is revving up vaccinations

in portugal, there is virtually no one left to vaccinate

getting a religious exemption to a vaccine mandate may not be easy. here's why

youtube is banning all content that spreads vaccine misinformation

how covid misinformation created a run on animal medicine

how the delta variant infiltrated an elementary school classroom

pediatric covid-19 cases rose faster in counties without school mask requirements, cdc says

does my mask protect me if nobody else is wearing one?

deadline looming, thousands of health care workers in new york get vaccinated

nurses are in short supplyemployers worry vaccine mandate could make it worse

covid-19 has now killed about as many americans as the 1918-19 flu

delta is “by far” world’s most dominant coronavirus variant, world health organization says

“their crisis is our problem”washington grapples with idaho covid cases

covid misinformation being pushed by some doctors without penalty

“i just cry all the time”non-covid patients despair over delayed care

moderna vs. pfizer vaccinesboth knockouts, but one seems to have the edge

a cdc panel backs booster shots for older adults, a step toward making them available

will a federal mandate make the difference for unvaccinated americans?

new mandate raises questionwho’ll pay for all the covid tests?

when covid-19 stole their smell, these experts lost much more

how ivermectin became the new focus of the anti-vaccine movement

horse owners can’t find ivermectin as americans flock to unproven coronavirus cure

how long does covid immunity last anyway?

a new covid testing model aims to spare students from quarantine

some rich people are counting their antibodies “like calories”

has covid cost australia its love for freedom?

australia’s covid rules are stranding people at state borders

italy is making covid-19 health passes mandatory for all workers

how to vaccinate a siberian reindeer herder

the covid crisis is now a garbage crisis, too

what to say if someone asks why you're wearing a mask

teaching without mask and vaccine mandates

they shunned covid vaccines but embraced antibody treatment

a coronavirus infection might not be enough to protect you

with vaccines now mandated for workplaces, will a travel mandate be next?

rationing medical care becomes a reality in hospitals overwhelmed with covid patients

man with heart disease died after being turned away from 43 intensive care units at capacity due to covid

covid hospitalizations hit crisis levels in southern intensive care units

their crisis is our problemwashington grapples with idaho covid cases

idaho's hospitals are overwhelmed, but many local residents remain skeptical of vaccines

parents of young children desperately seek vaccine trials

unvaccinated people are eleven times more likely to die of covid-19, new research finds

vaccine resisters seek religious exemptionsbut what counts as religious?

in the fight against covid, health workers aren't immune to vaccine misinformation

a vaccinated person's guide to covid exposure and elevator etiquette

six tips for coping with covid anxiety this fall and winter

full fda approval triggers more universities to require the covid-19 vaccine

the masked professor vs. the unmasked student

hospitalizations for children sharply increase as delta surges, cdc studies find

more than 80 percent of seniors are vaccinatedthat’s not safe enough

a cdc document gives new details on just how dangerous the delta variant really is

at a children’s hospital, a wave of young patients struggling to breathe

a covid surge is overwhelming u.s. hospitals, raising fears of rationed care

delta-fueled infections are moving through rural, southern oregon “like a buzz saw”

across the covid-ravaged south, high-level life support is difficult to find

who are the unvaccinated in america? there is no one answer

demand surges for deworming drug for covid, despite scant evidence it works

fake vaccination cards were sold to health care workers on instagram

this is the moment the anti-vaccine movement has been waiting for

vaccine refusers don’t get to dictate terms anymore

in california, a mix of support and resistance to new vaccine rules

millions of people are missing from cdc covid data as states fail to report cases

in louisiana, vaccine misinformation has public health workers feeling stuck

antibody tests should not be your go-to for checking covid immunity

when covid deaths are dismissed or stigmatized, grief is mixed with shame and anger

a hospital finds an unlikely group opposing vaccinationits workers

nursing homes face quandaryvaccinate staff or don’t get paid

they don’t want the shotthey don’t want colleagues to know

those anti-covid plastic barriers probably don’t help and may make things worse

campuses are virus incubators, but these colleges can’t require vaccine

it's time to up your mask game

get vaccinated and get maskedit’s the only way out of this

the delta variant will drive a steep rise in u.s. covid deaths, a new model shows

racked with guilt, some covid-19 survivors are asking, “why me?”

the u.s. is getting a crash course in scientific uncertainty

u.s. covid deaths are rising againexperts call it a pandemic of the unvaccinated

(lack of) vaccination in america might have only one tragic path forward

how partisanship affects pandemic thinking

dying in the name of vaccine freedom

the life cycle of a covid-19 vaccine lie

the most influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online

despite outbreaks among unvaccinated, fox news hosts smear shots

don’t want a vaccine? be prepared to pay more for insurance

parents of children with disabilities join the legal battle over masks in schools

the quiet rage of the responsible

africa’s covid crisis deepens, but vaccines are still far off

no work, no foodpandemic deepens global hunger

hospitals face a shortage of nurses as covid cases soar

for seniors especially, covid can be stealthy

inmates weren't told they were given an anti-parasite drug instead of covid-19 medications

what the covid rookies saw

“i had never faced the reality of death”a surgeon becomes a patient

the pandemic in the u.s. has vastly improvedfor these families, the worst has just begun

the covid vaccine is free, but not everyone believes that

the peril of not vaccinating the world

covidperu more than doubles death toll after review

children with covid inflammatory syndrome may overcome their most serious symptoms

teens are rarely hospitalized with covid, but cases can be severe

how medical jargon can make covid health disparities even worse

for many workers, change in mask policy is a nightmare

in the u.s., vaccines for the youngest are expected this fall

we’ll probably need booster shots for covid-19but when? and which ones?

how the alpha coronavirus variant became so powerful

world health organization renames coronavirus variants with non-stigmatising greek letters

anti-vaccine film targeted to black americans spreads false information

on the covid front lines, when not getting belly rubs

why contact tracing couldn't keep up with the u.s. covid outbreak

cdc move to limit investigations into covid breakthrough infections sparks concerns

meet the pandemic’s newest doctors, who quickly became pros

colleges say students must get a covid vaccinebut no, not that one

vaccine passport certificationpolicy and ethical considerations

meet the four kinds of people holding us back from full vaccination

just 12 people are behind most vaccine hoaxes on social media, research shows

america is failing its moral test on vaccines

what would it take to vaccinate the world against covid?

the pandemic has split in two

what activities can unvaccinated children do? advice from 828 experts

723 epidemiologists on when and how the u.s. can fully return to normal

it's time for america's fixation on herd immunity to end, scientists say

covid-19 vaccine makers are looking beyond the spike protein

new doctors in india are starting off seeing the worstit's taking a toll

in rural india, less covid-19 testing, more fearand a few ventilators for millions

why is covid killing so many young children in brazil? doctors are baffled

family caregivers feel the pandemic’s weight

how the united states beat the variants, for now

what can and can’t be learned from a doctor in china who pioneered masks

why the cdc changed its advice on masks

the cdc is gambling on relaxed mask rules to get more people vaccinated

as mask mandates disappear, business owners make and enforce their own rules

they’re vaccinated and keeping their masks on, maybe forever

for colleges, vaccine mandates often depend on which party is in power

miami tries to make vaccinations easywherever people are that's where we will be

they had leftover covid vaccinesso they offered them to their canadian neighbors

the strange new life of vaccine sites

needle fear is an underrecognized vaccination challenge

no one actually knows if you’re vaccinated

buoyed by federal covid aid, big hospital chains buy up competitors

covid killed his fatherthen came one million dollars in medical bills

will my sense of smell ever return? olfactory insights from covid and beyond

my patients will not be the samenone of us will

reaching herd immunity is unlikely in the u.s., experts now believe

millions are skipping their second doses of covid vaccines

the lessons of the johnson & johnson vaccine saga

vaccine skepticism was viewed as a knowledge problemit’s actually about gut beliefs

faith, freedom, fearrural america’s covid vaccine skeptics

india sets pandemic record with more than 400,000 new cases

“this is a catastrophe”in india, illness is everywhere

michigan’s covid wards are filling up with younger patients

sweden’s pandemic experiment

a look at covid-19 vaccine passports, passes and apps around the globe

cdc director recommends pregnant people receive covid-19 vaccines

no, other people’s covid vaccines can’t disrupt your menstrual cycle

pediatricians weigh in on what's safe and not safe for unvaccinated children

can you have alcohol after the covid vaccine?

regular exercise may help protect against severe covid

patients with long covid face lingering worrisome health risks, study finds

many covid patients have new ailments months after recovering from mild cases, cdc study finds

an unvaccinated worker set off an outbreak at a u.s. nursing home where most residents were immunized

uc and cal state systems to require covid-19 vaccinations for in-person fall classes

getting the shot

cdc director recommends pregnant people receive covid-19 vaccines

masks remain extremely effective indoors, but are they necessary outside?

a double novel coronavirus mutation in indiawhat does that mean?

why the vaccine safety numbers are still fuzzy

can the covid vaccine protect me against virus variants?

western warnings tarnish covid vaccines the world badly needs

vaccines won’t protect millions of patients with weakened immune systems

vaccines made at troubled baltimore plant were shipped to canada and mexico

how the tiny kingdom of bhutan out-vaccinated most of the world

states struggle with vaccine pause as federal officials reassure public

we are turning covid-19 into a young person’s disease

what the coronavirus variants mean for testing

the covid-19 plasma boom is overwhat did we learn from it?

scientists say the rush to do covid research led to a whole lot of waste

battle of the seascruise lines versus the cdc

kati kariko helped shield the world from the coronavirus

how one man, and a creative map, made a difference in panama's covid-19 crisis

the rising politicization of covid-19 vaccines

vaccine refusal may put herd immunity at risk, researchers warn

can colleges require covid-19 vaccines?

inside the cdc's battle to defeat the virus

researchers are hatching a low-cost coronavirus vaccine

scientists race to develop next generation of covid vaccines

extraordinary patient offers surprising clues to origins of coronavirus variants

virus variants threaten to draw out the pandemic, scientists say

restaurant workers are in a race for vaccines

can vaccinated people spread the virus? we don’t know, scientists say

many children with serious inflammatory syndrome had no covid-19 symptoms

“it takes time”i.c.u. workers help their former covid-19 patients mend

coronavirus variants can infect mice, scientists report

they died saving others from covid-19will anyone count them?

why pandemics give birth to hatefrom bubonic plague to covid-19

refusing a vaccination (podcast)

the pandemic and the limits of science

fourteen lessons for the next pandemic

piecing together the next pandemic

next pandemicscientists fear another coronavirus could jump from animals to humans

some nations could wait years for covid-19 shotsthat’s bad for everyone

covid-19 has traumatized americaa doctor explains what we need to heal

america is now in the hands of the vaccine-hesitant

few facts, millions of clicksfearmongering vaccine stories go viral online

covid-19 vaccination has been conjuring up emotions and memories

afraid of needles? don’t let it keep you from a covid-19 vaccine

you’re not fully vaccinated the day of your last dose

the future of the pandemic in the u.s.experts look ahead

how to vaccinate homebound seniors? take the shots to them

european scientists zero in on astrazeneca blood clot link

first covid-19, then psychosis“the most terrifying thing i’ve ever experienced”

long-haulers are pushing the limits of covid-19 vaccines

coronavirus reinfections are rare, danish researchers report

cdc says it's safe for vaccinated people to do these activities

“at your age, it’s the vaccine or the grave”

how to protect yourself against coronavirus variants

plan to ditch the mask after vaccination? not so fast

how one covid-19 nurse navigates anti-mask sentiment

thousands of farmworkers are prioritized for the coronavirus vaccine

primary care doctors are left out of the vaccine rollout

vulnerable inmates left in prison as covid-19 rages

the era of vaccine diplomacy is here

vaccine passports—the next political flash point of covid-19

what do vaccine efficacy numbers actually mean?

why virus variants have such weird names

the world needs syringes—he jumped in to make 5,900 per minute

what the coronavirus variants mean for the end of the pandemic

one and done—why people are eager for johnson & johnson’s vaccine

unlocking the mysteries of long covid

the surprising key to combatting vaccine refusal

the hardship of social distancing when touch is a lifeline

seniors seeking vaccines have a problem—they can’t use the internet

those fever scanners that everyone is using to fight covid-19 can be wildly inaccurate, researchers find

in oregon, scientists find a virus variant with a worrying mutation

a small town in denial comes face to face with the virus

how rhode island fell to the coronavirus

alaska’s remote villages race against time and history

“this is the last stop”shooting britain’s struggle against covid-19

the secret life of a coronavirus

potential for new coronaviruses may be greater than known

studies examine variant surging in california, and the news isn’t good

a new coronavirus variant is spreading in new york, researchers report

coronavirus reinfection will soon become our reality

the awful uncertainty of the coronavirus death toll

covid-19 is “probably going to end my career”

four percent of nurses, 31.5 percent of deaths (podcast)

“the essence of truth”a physician’s photos document the covid-19 crisis in an emergency room

new findings on two ways children become seriously ill from the coronavirus

the youngest victims of a national calamity, and the people they left behind

when does covid-19 become a disability? long-haulers push for answers and benefits

the loneliest room, for my sister in a nursing home

vaccine lotteries and personal appeals—medically vulnerable find their priority status slipping away

vaccine hesitancy in cancer patients

history repeats itselfcovid-19 vaccine inequities echo hiv crisis

to get their lives back, teens volunteer for vaccine trials

vaccines adapted for variants will not need lengthy testing, f.d.a. says

people who have had covid-19 should get single vaccine dose, studies suggest

covid-19 vaccine makers' booster shots aim at a moving targetcoronavirus variants

cdc launches web tool to help people find covid-19 vaccines

u.k. approves study that will deliberately infect volunteers with coronavirus

positive coronavirus test? canadians worry their neighbors will find out

transplant patient dies after receiving lungs infected with coronavirus

future vaccines depend on test subjects in short supplymonkeys

six-foot social-distancing rule is outdatedscientists have created a new system

how to sign up for a covid-19 vaccine in your state

short of vaccine, states find hidden stashes in their own backyards

how herd immunity worksand what stands in its way

as israel reopens, “whoever does not get vaccinated will be left behind”

half of u.s. coronavirus deaths have come since november 1

covid-linked syndrome in children is growing, and cases are more severe

young people’s despair deepens as covid-19 crisis drags on

see how the vaccine rollout is going in your state

the vaccine had to be usedhe used ithe was fired

what if we never reach herd immunity?

coronavirus variants and mutations

seven virus variants found in u.s. carrying the same mutation

covid-19 vaccines could add fuel to evolution of coronavirus mutations

scientists are trying to spot new viruses before they cause pandemics

dying of covid-19 in a “separate and unequal” los angeles area hospital

anger and fear as asian american seniors targeted in bay area attacks

people with intellectual disabilities are often overlooked in pandemic response

inside the worst-hit county in the worst-hit state in the worst-hit country

how people are jumping the covid-19 vaccine line

childhood colds do not prevent coronavirus infection, study finds

covid-19 vaccines for children are coming, but not for many months

virologist on wuhan tripseafood market “not the whole story'” in early outbreak

we know very little about america’s vaccine debacle

could a single vaccine work against all coronaviruses?

cdc says double-masking offers more protection against the coronavirus

my mother got vaccinatedis it now safe to visit?

opera singers help covid-19 patients learn to breathe again

electronic health records may be delaying covid-19 vaccinations

as millions get shots, f.d.a. struggles to get safety monitoring system running

the coronavirus is a master of mixing its genome, worrying scientists

virus variant first found in britain now spreading rapidly in the united states

why the pandemic is ten times worse than you think

with the virus surging, ambulance drivers’ jobs just got harder

a parallel pandemic hits health care workers: trauma and exhaustion

vaccine news gives hope for spring, if enough people get the shots

answers to your questions about getting vaccinated for covid-19

i'm afraid of needlesdoes the covid-19 vaccine hurt?

is it ever okay to jump ahead in the vaccine line?

can’t get a shot? thousands of vaccine hunters are crossing state borders to get theirs

some health workers say they're not refusing the vaccine, they just need some time

across the south, covid-19 vaccine sites missing from black and hispanic neighborhoods

rep. ruizvaccinating food and farm workers requires an active, concerted effort

in the vaccine scramble, cancer patients are left behind

two nations mark anniversary of two notable covid-19 deaths

“i am blown away”strangers are helping strangers get vaccinated

is your vaccine card selfie a gift for scammers?

coming soonthe vaccine passport

forty hours later, a shot at the vaccine

burned by low reimbursements, some doctors stop testing for covid-19

in los angeles county, the virus is pummeling those who can least afford to fall ill

how the coronavirus turns the body against itself

with all eyes on covid-19, drug-resistant infections crept in

the new york times interview with dr. anthony fauci

yes, you still need to wear a mask

frequently asked questions—why am i suddenly hearing so much about kf94 masks?

the new virus variants make the next six weeks crucial

u.s. coronavirus cases are falling, but variants could erase progress

can the covid-19 vaccine beat the proliferation of new virus mutations?

as virus grows stealthier, vaccine makers reconsider battle plans

which covid-19 vaccine should you get? experts cite the effect against severe disease

why you can’t just get vaccinated at your doctor’s office

it okay to enroll in a covid-19 vaccine trial if i might drop out?

why vaccines alone will not end the pandemic

if you squeeze the coronavirus, does it shatter?

a vaccine expert on finally getting the vaccine he helped create

physicians, facing burnout, turn to self-care

in tiny kansas town, pandemic skeptics abound amid false information and politics

how the search for covid-19 treatments faltered while vaccines sped ahead

the coronavirus kills mink, so they too may get a vaccine

one year, 400,000 coronavirus deathshow the united states guaranteed its own failure

one day’s pandemic lossesamong thousands, a father, a child, a friend

the separate and unequal health system highlighted by covid-19

my son is a nursei worry every day about losing him to the coronavirus

my “long covid” nightmarestill sick after six months

what to know about the world’s top covid-19 vaccines

three questions and the emerging answers about covid-19 vaccine protection

inside the b.1.1.7 coronavirus variant

a troubling new pattern among the coronavirus variants

what you can do to avoid the new coronavirus variant right now

emerging coronavirus variants may pose challenges to vaccines

can the covid-19 vaccine beat the proliferation of new virus mutations?

new california variant may be driving novel coronavirus surge there, study suggests

how british scientists found a more infectious coronavirus variant

cdc warns the new virus variant could fuel huge spikes in covid-19 cases

one mask is goodwould two be better?

some covid-19 survivors haunted by loss of smell and taste

could a smell test screen people for covid-19?

twins with covid-19 help scientists untangle the disease’s genetic roots

pandemic shortens u.s. life expectancy, study concludes

what if you never get better from covid-19?

incredible scale of tragedythe united states records 25 million virus cases

losing a loved one twicefirst to prison, then to covid-19

do airplane passengers not know there's a pandemic going on?

amid one pandemic, students train for the next

viral variant could drive a new surge in the u.s., experts warn

why you should still wear a mask and avoid crowds after getting the covid-19 vaccine

talking with people in your life hesitant about the coronavirus vaccine

vaccines were a chance to redeem failures in the u.s. responsewhat went wrong in their distribution?

an appreciation for vaccines, and how far they have come

injections of second coronavirus vaccine doses have begun

an all-out push to vaccinate wary medical workers

california to vaccinate residents 65 or older against covid-19

the maddening red tape facing older people who want the vaccine

should the government pay people to get vaccinated? some economists think so

tribal elders are dying from the pandemic, causing a cultural crisis for american indians

people with disabilities desperately need the vaccinebut states disagree on when they’ll get it

foster care was always toughcovid-19 made it tougher

federal data reveal which hospitals are dangerously full this week. is yours?

“it's so much worse than before”—dread and despair haunt nurses inside intensive care units in los angeles

with hospitals nearly overwhelmed, britain faces harder days

six months after leaving the hospital, covid-19 survivors still face lingering health issues

the virus spread faster in counties where large universities held classes in person

the future of the novel coronavirus? an annoying childhood infection

at elite medical centers, even workers who don’t qualify are vaccinated

the plague year

where year two of the pandemic will take us

what will it take to end the covid-19 pandemic?

how full are hospital intensive care units near you?

people without symptoms spread the novel coronavirus in more than half of cases, cdc model finds

how nine novel coronavirus vaccines work

injections of second novel coronavirus vaccine doses have begun

the next phase of vaccination will be even harder

here’s why distribution of the vaccine is taking longer than expected

vaccines take a while to kick inexperts say that means the body is doing its job

early vaccine doubters now show a willingness to roll up their sleeves

as coronavirus mutates, the world stumbles again to respond

the united states is blind to contagious new virus variant, scientists warn

the pandemic is a prisoner’s dilemma game

don’t let the pandemic stop your shots

native americans reliant on hospital feel abandoned by u.s. during pandemic

toxic individualism—pandemic politics driving health care workers from small towns

california is overriding its limits on nurse workloads as covid-19 surges

young emergency room doctors risk their lives on the pandemic’s front linesbut they struggle to find jobs

los angeles county paramedics told not to transport some patients with low chance of survival

amid isolation and loneliness, elderly face crumbling safety net

some covid-19 survivors haunted by loss of smell and taste

how covid-19 attacks the brain and may cause lasting damage

what the san francisco bay area can teach us about fighting a pandemic

one 18-hour flight, four novel coronavirus infections

we know how to curb the pandemichow do we make people listen?

a city nursehealing in the i.c.u. during covid-19

despite high demand for nurses, colleges aren't keeping up

oregon hospitals didn't have shortagesso why were disabled people denied care?

one vaccine side effectglobal economic inequality

if covid-19 vaccines bring an end to the pandemic, america has immigrants to thank

how moderna’s vaccine works

how will moderna meet the demand for its covid-19 vaccine?

how the johnson & johnson vaccine works

how the sinovac vaccine works

how much herd immunity is enough?

what you can do post-vaccine, and when

employers can require workers to get covid-19 vaccine, u.s. says

how new york city vaccinated six million people in less than a month

vaccine memories of another time and place

people are dyingwhom do we save first with the vaccine?

in the rio grande valley, death has become a family affair

what to know about the covid-19 antibody drugs that could help many

covid-19 antibody drugs go unused as need soars

people thought covid-19 was relatively harmless for younger adultsthey were wrong

from voter fraud to vaccine liesmisinformation peddlers shift gears

the perfect stormhow vaccine misinformation spread to the mainstream

how do we grieve 300,000 lives lost?

what the chaos in hospitals is doing to doctors

as hospitals fear being overwhelmed by covid-19, do the disabled get the same access?

the swiss cheese model of pandemic defense

holidays in a pandemic? here’s what happened in 1918

coronavirus test kits to be mailed to homes of some l.a. county residents with symptoms, exposure

“fauci effect” drives record number of medical school applications

what new york city’s sewers reveal about the virus

with first dibs on vaccines, rich countries have cleared the shelves

here’s why vaccinated people still need to wear a mask

a shot of hopewhat the vaccine is like for frontline doctors and nurses

the vaccines are cominga divided and distrustful america awaits

how the vaccine will get from the lab to you

many trial volunteers got placebo vaccinesdo they now deserve the real ones?

the next six months will be vaccine purgatory

how science beat the virus, and what it lost in the process

military-grade camera shows risks of airborne coronavirus spread

children’s hospitals are pitching in to help with the flood of adult covid-19 patients

the epicenter

the virus is devastating the united states, and leaving an uneven toll

los angeles bans almost all public gatherings to stop virus surge

how 700 epidemiologists are living now, and what they think is next

covid-19 survivors with long-term symptoms need urgent attention, experts say

what to do if you test positive for the coronavirus this winter

think health care workers are tested often for the coronavirus? think again

rapid testing for children barrels ahead, despite a lack of data

spit in a tube and mail it ina new frontier in coronavirus testing

nobody sees ustesting-lab workers strain under demand

countdown to a coronavirus vaccine

how the leading coronavirus vaccines made it to the finish line

“natural immunity” from COVID-19 is not safer than a vaccine

how messenger RNA helped scientists create a covid-19 vaccine in record time (video)

atul gawande on coronavirus vaccines and prospects for ending the pandemic

who will get the coronavirus vaccine first?

and now for an important messageconvincing you to get the coronavirus vaccine

three ex-presidents say they're willing to get coronavirus vaccine on camera

blunders eroded united states confidence in early vaccine front-runner

prisons are covid-19 hotbedswhen should inmates get the vaccine?

the race to make vials for coronavirus vaccines

cyberattacks discovered on vaccine distribution operations

public health workers in kansas walk away over pressure from pandemic politics

virus may have arrived in united states in december, but didn’t spread until later

for a nation on edge, antacids become hard to find

the long darkness before dawn

california hospitalizations from covid-19 surgingintensive care units may be overwhelmed in weeks

near crisis, some hospitals face tough decisions in caring for floods of patients

as hospitals fill with covid-19 patients, medical reinforcements are hard to find

the lost days that made bergamo, italy a coronavirus tragedy

now the united states has lots of ventilators, but too few specialists to operate them

a revamped strategic national stockpile still can't match the pandemic's latest surge

mask mandates work to slow spread of coronavirus, kansas study finds

how los angeles avoided the 1918 flu pandemic’s deadly second wave

evidence builds that an early mutation made the pandemic harder to stop

dry ice is hotter than ever

the virus won’t stop evolving when the vaccine arrives

a covid-19 vaccine for children may still be many months away

as covid-19 vaccine nears, employers consider making it mandatory

politics, science, and the remarkable race for a coronavirus vaccine

bill gates, the virus, and the quest to vaccinate the world

a mother, her son, and their 1,500-mile search for home

embattled public health workers leaving at steady and alarming rate

their teeth fell outwas it another covid-19 consequence?

how will covid-19 affect our next generation?

how do i make thanksgiving grocery shopping safer?

what 635 epidemiologists are doing for thanksgiving

hospitals and health care workers issue a call to arms for wearing masks

confused about masks? here’s what scientists know

wearing a mask during workouts really isn’t so bad

why are states imposing virus curfews?

covid-19 denial still rampant in some coronavirus hot spots

states that imposed few restrictions now have the worst outbreaks

no, a negative coronavirus test does not mean you can safely socialize

many employers avoid coronavirus tests over cost, not availability

exercise after covid-19? take it slow

does an autoimmune disorder affect my covid-19 risks?

two companies say their vaccines are 95% effectivewhat does that mean?

what it was like to participate in the clinical trial for moderna's novel coronavirus vaccine

antibodies good—machine-made molecules better?

this is how we treat each other? this is who we are?

how pediatricians are fending off coronavirus myths

inside the chaotic, cutthroat gray market for n95 masks

inside the world of a jordanian nurse doing essential work in the pandemic

the lowest-paid workers in higher education are suffering the highest job losses

what you need to know about the coronavirus (a compendium of articles)

this coronavirus surge does not have to be so horrific

how to deal with people who ignore covid-19 safety

echoes of a pandemicexperts fear lessons from the 2009 h1n1 vaccine drive are being ignored

doctor fauci—vaccine results are an important advance, but virus precautions are still vital

novel coronavirus vaccine tracker (updated)

moderna’s covid-19 vaccine—what you need to know

pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine—what you need to know

the vaccines will probably work—making them fast will be the hard part

missing from state plans to distribute the coronavirus vaccine—money to do it

the pandemic’s winter surge is here

no one is listening to us

you can see the regreticu nurse on patients who failed to take covid-19 precautions

developmental disabilities heighten risk of covid-19 death

teens in covid-19 isolation

how we survive the winter

masks work—we will show you how

wear masks to protect yourself from the coronavirus, not only others, cdc stresses

the surging coronavirus finds a federal leadership vacuum

clots, strokes, and rashes—is covid-19 a disease of the blood vessels?

how pfizer plans to distribute its vaccine (it’s complicated)

who should get a coronavirus vaccine first?

five questions to ask about pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine

don’t get too excited (just yet) about the coronavirus vaccine

the husband-and-wife team behind the leading vaccine to solve covid-19

denmark will kill all farmed mink, citing coronavirus infections

covid-19 infections in animals prompt scientific concern

should i purell my nostrils? can lysol disinfect the air?

the double whammy of seasonal affective disorder in a season of covid-19

thanksgiving will soon empty campuses—will students bring the coronavirus home?

the children that never had the coronavirus—so why did they have antibodies?

pregnant women face increased risks from covid-19

pandemic grandparenting, beyond the dreary video calls

at 12, she’s a covid-19 long hauler

covid-19 is the big story on campus—college reporters have the scoop

will the hardest-hit communities get the coronavirus vaccine?

how will the limited supply of antibody drugs for covid-19 be allocated?

how the coronavirus hacks the immune system

some covid-19 survivors have antibodies that attack the body, not virus

why you shouldn’t worry about studies showing waning coronavirus antibodies

the vaccine news that really matters

a rapid virus test falters in people without symptoms, study finds

the administration shut a vaccine safety office last year. what’s the plan now?

internal documents reveal covid-19 hospitalization data the government keeps hidden

denmark will kill all farmed mink, citing coronavirus infections

five ways families can prepare as novel coronavirus cases surge

novel coronavirus cases in the united states climb toward a third peak

worried about covid-19 in the winter? alaska provides a cautionary tale

the pandemic’s real toll? 300,000 deaths, and it’s not just from the novel coronavirus

where have all the hospital patients gone?

even the most successful women pay a big price in the pandemic

when the doctor is a covid-19 “long hauler”

after the pandemic, a revolution in education and work awaits

but it was on facebook—hoaxes are making doctors’ jobs harder

some signs of recovery from severe covid-19 lung damage

americans are dying in the pandemic at rates far higher than in other countries

what supporters of herd immunity by infection don’t tell you

a viral theory cited by some health officials draws fire from scientists

how an ill-fated fishing voyage helped us understand covid-19

what does negative on a coronavirus test really mean?

a novel coronavirus vaccine for children may not arrive before fall 2021

facing many unknowns, states rush to plan distribution of novel coronavirus vaccines

why tens of thousands of people are key to testing a vaccine

the race for a super-antibody against coronaviruses

the tree that could help stop the pandemic

she hunts viral rumors about real viruses

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cdc director warns this fall could be the worst ever for public health

as the pandemic persists, healthcare personnel beginning to crack under the strain

school nurses are on the front lines, but many schools don’t have one

covid-19 financial pressures are sinking rural hospitals

the 1918 flumasks and lessons for the coronavirus pandemic

long-haulers are redefining covid-19

this contact tracer is fighting two contagions—the virus and fear

scam alert—a real covid contact tracer won’t ask you for money

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this trawler’s haulevidence that antibodies block the coronavirus

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those we’ve lost

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aboard the diamond princessa case study in aerosol transmission

how italy turned around its coronavirus calamity

scared that the coronavirus immunity will not last? don’t be

51 days on a ventilatorhow “miracle larry” survived covid-19

texas hospital says a thirty-year-old man died after attending a covid party

your ancestors knew death in ways you never will

why we’re losing the battle with covid-19

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“i couldn’t do anything”—the virus and an emergency room doctor’s suicide

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why you are probably not so great at risk assessment

in nick cordero’s death, a reminder of the unknowns of covid-19

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retail workers increasingly being drawn into the stressful job of mask enforcement

grave shortages of personal protective equipment flare again as covid-19 cases surge

here’s what recovery from covid-19 may look like for many survivors

the emotional evolution of coronavirus doctors and patients

nurses who battled the virus in new york confront friends back home who say it’s a hoax

researchers debate infecting debate infecting people with the coronavirus to test vaccines

the fullest look yet at the racial inequalities of the coronavirus

to be hungry in the middle of the pandemic

migrant farm workers who fear the virus but toil on

meet the gleanerscombing farm fields to feed the newly hungry

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the dudes who won’t wear masks

how the virus won

how the world missed the novel coronavirus’s spread

as the virus surges, young people account for a disturbing number of cases

some nursing homes evict vulnerable residents

older adults may be left out of some covid-19 trials

when am i coming home? a tough month inside a recovery unit

you may have antibodies after a coronavirus infection, but not for long

the scientist, the air, and the virus

hundreds of healthcare workers have died from the coronavirusthese are some of their stories

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coronavirus studyone in five people worldwide are at risk

fired florida data scientist launches a coronavirus dashboard of her own

how data became one of the most powerful tools to fight an epidemic

mutation allows the coronavirus to infect more cells, study findsscientists urge caution

genes may leave some people more vulnerable to covid-19

she survived the coronavirusthen she got a $400,000 medical bill

the pandemic claims new victimsprestigious medical journals

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doctors are covid-19’s first historians

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doctors race to understand multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children

on dying alonea doctor reaches out to bridge the covid-19 divide

tests for coronavirus vaccine requires this ingredienthorseshoe crabs

thousands who got covid-19 in march are still sick

how to read a coronavirus study, or any science spaper

genes may leave some people more vulnerable to severe covid-19

remembering the nearly 100,000 lives lost to coronavirus in america

what we need to know about covid-related syndrome in children

the virus has wrecked some familiesit has brought others closer together

a virus-hunter falls prey to a virus he underestimated

to fight the coronavirus, listen to the cdc’s detectives

different approaches to a coronavirus vaccine

the coronavirus vaccine is on track to be the fastest ever developed

the race for a polio vaccine differed from the quest to prevent coronavirus

the world is still far from herd immunity for the coronavirus

antibody testing is increasing, but a positive result doesn’t prove immunity

telling the stories of the dead is essential work

ptsd and burnout threaten medical workers

the long-ago kindness behind irish outpouring of relief for navajo

hospitals knew how to make moneythen coronavirus happened

as coronavirus overruns russia, doctors are dying on the front lines

coronavirus infectionstalking can generate droplets that linger up to 14 minutes

many small physician practices are turned down for government loans

overlooked no more—june almeida who identified the first coronavirus

can “team science” yield a covid-19 treatment?

what pandemic scams people are falling for?

how pandemics end

get ready for a vaccine information war

surviving covid-19 may not feel like recovery for some

coronavirus outbreak in latin america now rivals europe’sbut its options are worse

one-third of all coronavirus deaths in the united states are nursing home residents or workers

can rocky mountain laboratories find a coronavirus cure?

the pandemic is the time to resurrect the public university

coronavirussix ways college might look different in the fall

former cdc official warns of second covid-19 wavemost people are still susceptible

emergency rooms are seeing a drop in strokes and heart attacks, and doctors are worried

the underground efforts to get masks to doctors

in harm’s waymeet the healthcare workers risking their lives

three healthcare workers gave out masksthree weeks later, they were all dead

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new studies add to evidence that children may transmit the coronavirus

travel from new york city seeded wave of domestic outbreaks

seven tips for dealing with uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic

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nurses left vulnerable to covid-19”we’re not martyrs sacrificing our lives”

how long will a vaccine really take?

why weren’t we ready for the coronavirus?

will the coronavirus forever alter the college experience?

“we had to do something”trying to prevent massive food waste

how do you fight the coronavirus without running water?

why does the coronavirus wallop some places and spare others?

coronavirus disrupts illegal wildlife tracking, for now

where are the photos of people dying of covid-19?

coronanavirusapril was death, april was hope, april was cruel

a young doctor fights to survive the coronavirus

after a lifetime together, coronavirus takes them both

your life or your livelihoodpeople wrestle with impossible choices

should you get an antibody test?

find a vaccine and then produce 300 million vials of it

coronaviruswhy so may nurses in the united states are out of work

what is the world health organization and what does it do?

deaf-blind people fear that doctors won’t save them from the coronavirus

covid-19 through a nurse’s lens

24 hours at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic

hundreds of miles from home, nurses fight coronavirus on new york’s front lines

32 days on a ventilatorone covid-19 patient’s fight to breathe again

needing at-home workers, call centers turn to people with disabilities

the pandemic doesn’t have to be this confusing

what the coronavirus crisis reveals about american medicine

vaccination rates drop dangerously as parents avoid doctor’s visits

healthcare workers under attack during coronavirus pandemic

the body collectors of the coronavirus pandemic

how scientists could stop the next pandemic before it starts

solving the mysteries of the coronavirus with genetic fingerprints

the coronavirus is forcing medical research to speed up

why covid-19 makes some patients sicker than others

pandemic’s costs stagger the nursing home industry

covid-19 antibody tests, seen as key to reopening the country, do not yet deliver

with broad, random tests for antibodies, germany seeks path out of lockdown

angela merkel’s scientific background could save germany

is the virus on my clothes? my shoes? my hair? my newspaper?

what viral evolution can teach us about the coronavirus pandemic

the coronavirus in americathe year ahead

life and death as hospitals fight the coronavirus (includes video)

coronavirusthe hammer and the dance

ten african countries have no ventilatorsthat’s only part of the problem

long before covid-19, doctor anthony fauci changed medicine in america forever

what kids want to know about the coronavirus—an original comic

how are you feeling? survey aims to detect covid-19 hotspots early

a new doctor faces the coronavirus

how to spot misinformation about the novel coronavirus and covid-19

scams are thriving during covid-19here’s what to watch out for

what have epidemiologists learned about the coronavirus?

why we don’t know the true death rate for covid-19

will the coronavirus spare the world’s most remote places?

covid-19 leads to stoppage of clinical trials, jeopardizing patients’ care

the privilege of immunity

after coronavirus, colleges worrywill students return?

i’m an emergency room doctor in new yorknone of us will ever be the same

stay six feet apart, we’re toldbut how far can air carry coronavirus?

where thousands of face masks a day are decontaminated to battle the virus

exercising outdoors with a face mask

will a coronavirus antibody test allow us to go back to school or work?

animal viruses are jumping to humansforest loss makes it easier

how anthony fauci became america’s doctor

why we are running out of masks in the coronavirus crisis

how new jersey’s first coronavirus patient survived

smokers and vapers may be at greater risk for covid-19

smoking or vaping may increase the risk of a severe coronavirus infection

food banks are overrun, as coronavirus surges demand

the coronavirus’s weak spots

coronavirus in los angeles countycan hospitals handle a surge of cases?

reportpentagon knew of possible coronavirus threat for years

majority of coronavirus patients put on ventilators don’t survive

people with disabilities worry they won’t get treatment

as supermarkets feel hazardous and sparse, small farms deliver

pandemics and the shape of human history

inside the coronavirus genome

future pandemics are comingunless humans change how we interact with wildlife

infected but feeling fine—the unwitting coronavirus spreaders

covid-19 changed the way the world does science together

how to take care of your lungs

from bats to human lungsthe evolution of a coronavirus

how does the coronavirus behave inside a patient?

what contagion fables are really about

ageism is making the coronavirus pandemic worse

opioid addiction is a “disease of isolation,” so the pandemic puts recovery at risk

“reopening america” too soon—here’s what can happen if we do (includes interactive models)

how doctors live with the risks of the coronavirus

unprepared for the worstworld’s most vulnerable brace for virus

in lockdown with your partner?  here’s how healthy couples survive

is loss of smell and taste a symptom of covid-19?

welcome to the virosphere

researchers are looking at how the coronavirus is mutating

icu bed capacity varies widely nationwide (includes an interactive feature)

how the world’s richest country ran out of a 75-cent face mask

density is normally good for usthat will be true after the coronavirus, too

how has your state reacted to social distancing?

how south korea flattened the coronavirus curve

flattening a pandemic’s curve—why staying home now can save lives

medical students, sidelined for now, find new way to fight the coronavirus

there is plenty of food in our country

the workers who face the greatest coronavirus risk

i’m really isolated now—when elders have to fight the coronavirus alone

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mapping the social networks of coronavirus

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