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The first Summer 2023 intersession begins on June 12 and the second intersession on July 17.

Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

an inside look at covid’s lasting damage to the lungs

for covid long-haulers, the pandemic is far from over

we asked, you answered—how do you feel about the end of the covid-19 emergency

families of those lost to covid wrestle with mixed emotions as emergency ends

pandemic hits '”top button,” but for some life is forever changed

900,000 new yorkers lost at least three loved ones to covid

as covid emergency ends, u.s. response shifts to peacetime mode

the pandemic-era rule that lets you get telehealth prescriptions just got extended

as covid emergency ends, surveillance shifts to the sewers

seniors got covid tests they didn't order in medicare scam—could more fraud follow?

what’s going on with covid right now?

what lessons have we learned from the covid pandemic?

is it time for a reality check on rapid covid tests?

w.h.o. ends global health emergency declaration for covid-19

c.d.c. to stop reporting new covid infections in changes to how it tracks the pandemic

long-haulers are trying to define themselves

why viral reservoirs are a prime suspect for long covid sleuths

a century-old vaccine fails to protect against covid

a possible explanation for long covid gains traction

you're less likely to get long covid after a second infection than a first


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Physiology and Health

why our allergies are getting worse—and what to do about it

to prevent heart attacks, doctors try a new genetic test

farewell, my kidney—why the body may reject a lifesaving organ

maternity’s most dangerous time—after new mothers come home

meet the teen changing how neuroscientists think about brain plasticity

a “natural death” may be preferable for many to enduring cpr

scientists find brain signals of chronic pain

brain implants allow paralyzed man to walk using his thought

parkinson's “made me present in every moment of my life,” says michael j. fox

fda advisers narrowly back first gene therapy for muscular dystrophy

a new, more diverse human genome offers hope for rare genetic diseases

your dna can now be pulled from thin airprivacy experts are worried

the things female doctors put up with

a new breast pumping law has gone into effecthere’s what it means

creating a sperm or egg from any cell? reproduction revolution on the horizon

f.d.a. eases ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men

new hope for an antidote to death cap mushrooms and other poison fungi

the foods that keep you hydrated

the c.d.c. wants people to stop eating raw cookie doughbut it’s so tasty

hearing aids are changingtheir users are, too

how do i get rid of skin tags? and what are they, anyway?

link between long telomeres and long life is a tall tale, study finds


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students can’t get off their phonesschools have had enough

medical students aren't showing up to classwhat does that mean for future physicians?

to fight teacher shortages, states send people to college for free

as teacher shortages loom, one district grows future educators in high school

build you own college rankings

there’s only one college rankings list that matters

to help new students adapt, some colleges are eliminating grades

despite years of criticism, the u.s. news college rankings live on

california community college enrollment plummets to 30-year low

at new york university, students were failing organic chemistrywho was to blame?

the discount data that some colleges won’t publish

scanning students' rooms during remote tests is unconstitutional, judge rules

people from elite backgrounds increasingly dominate academia

why my college students are not ok

how to survive college when you’re paying your own way

college studentshow to make office hours less scary

a separate and unequal system of college admissions

a college program for disadvantaged teens could shake up elite admissions

is online test-monitoring here to stay?

want to find an affordable college? there's a website for that

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